Why Looks Matter: 3 Reasons Looking Healthy Helps Boost Your Career

They say looks don’t matter, but they do. Even if your nine-to-five isn’t a modeling gig or front lining at a local boutique, it doesn’t excuse you from looking and feeling healthy at work.

Feeling good about how you look helps you gain the confidence you need to stay ahead of the game. If you’re an entrepreneur trying to get clients on board, wouldn’t you want to look your best when you do so? If you find yourself smiling in the mirror and seeing your teeth aren’t at their best, why don’t you get porcelain crowns in Scottsdale or any other local clinic to make sure you’re smile-ready?

Often, people respond to individuals who project the image they can take care of themselves. Here are some ways to look your best and maintain your confidence at work or your business.

Establish a healthy routine

It pays to have a healthy physical routine to maintain consistency when it comes to taking care of yourself. Zafirah Salim writes for the Vulcan Post and states that many human resource managers confirm the hiring process can get quite superficial. Even if you don’t want to get your foot in the door based on looks alone, how you carry yourself can be a huge factor during job interviews. It’s an indication of your confidence and how you can potentially deal with clients or speak with customers if necessary.

What does a healthy routine entail? Have a set number of hours of sleep and a morning and evening routine for your skin. Taking care of your skin is crucial if you want to maintain a healthy glow, no matter your age. Exercise regularly and watch what you eat. Putting on tubs of makeup won’t make a difference if you’re not taking care of your skin, staying hydrated, not getting enough sleep, or keeping a healthy diet.

Man doing kettlebell pushups with trainer

Keep a Smile on Your Face

Smiling requires less muscle movement and makes a person look more pleasing and approachable. If you interact with customers regularly, it pays to smile and exude a friendly vibe. It also helps you feel better about yourself throughout the day. Imagine having to work with a sulky expression eight hours of the day, seven days a week. Keep it light and have a pleasant personality. These are things you can do for free.

It Helps with Branding

Having a certain look helps with either your employer or your business branding. First impressions do last, and you would want to be remembered as someone who looks very put together, polished, and responsible. Taking care of your physical health can do wonders for you psychologically, too. Employers generally hire those who look good and display a sense of confidence, as they can be a good reflection of the company culture and branding.

You don’t need cosmetic surgery or anything drastic to improve your look immediately. Simply focus on keeping a healthy routine and positive outlook in life. After all, being successful at work isn’t only about looking good but also having a positive attitude day in and day out.

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