What Your House Says About Your Personality

Each aspect of the house says a lot about your personality and your priorities as a homeowner. It’s easy to just get the first expensive thing you see from furniture shops, but it will not seem coherent. The worst-case scenario is that your home looks like it belongs to a hoarder. Surely, your choices can’t be that bad. Let’s find out what your house says about you:

Massive Double Doors

There are houses with the main door and a screen or glass door covering it. In certain areas, this is necessary because of the insect population you’re trying to keep out. If that is not a problem in your area and you still have the two-level setup, you might come across as closed off and unwilling to connect with neighbors.

Massive double doors, on the other hand, show your openness and willingness to let people in. This is also true when you have sliding doors that open into the backyard, which extends your interior to an entertainment area. Choosing this feature for your home means that you’re thinking of more space, such as when you have people over for dinners and get-togethers. You are the center of attention, and you have a reputation for fun and elegance.

Custom Fixtures

Having the same exact fixtures as everyone else who shops at IKEA is not a bad thing, but it certainly does not add to your class. The opposite is true when you choose custom furniture and fixtures such as a couch that runs the exact length of your living room or custom cabinets in Orem that perfectly go with the hand-mixed paint you chose for your home.

After all the expenses associated with the home purchase or construction, people on a budget may have little to splurge on what goes into the house, but that’s not you. You have a little more financial breathing room, and you know how to spend it to add class and appeal to your home.

You’re a person who likes to show their personality, even if you’re not the loudest person in the room. You’d rather be known for your refined taste than your boldness—sometimes, that matte gray finish is more appealing if it’s exotic enough to be found only in your home.

Thriving Garden Plants

colorful landscaped formal garden

Gardening is in no way a marker of successful homeownership, but it’s definitely a marker of how in control you are of your life. Busy and overworked people barely have room left to groom themselves. You, on the other hand, have enough free time to get your hands dirty—literally.

The effort that goes into gardening also translates to a healthier lifestyle because you’re showing how active you are. And if you have a garden, why not add herbs and vegetables to take the farm-to-table concept as close as possible to home? Bonus points if you have plants that grow only in a certain season because having them in full bloom means that you are able to carefully plan and execute a planting strategy.

Even your smallest home decisions may mean something for other people. Next time you choose to do something for the house, make sure that it adds to your positive image, and not the other way around.

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