Sewer Line Repair: Signs that Show You Need It

Deciding on whether you need a sewer line repair in Indianapolis or other areas is a tricky thing to do. It’s because there are obvious and not so visible signs of plumbing problems. Also, in houses in these areas where the climate can range from very hot to very cold, sewer lines could crack due to the weather. But the damage might be yards away from your house.

Here are some things to look for to determine if you need sewer line repair:

Bad odor

An unusual or bad odor coming from the floor, the yard, or the ceiling is a significant sign of a damaged sewer line. The smell is more noticeable in the bathrooms or the basement. Sewer lines carry wastewater from rooms in your house to a central waste facility. We’re talking about smelly water and other human wastes here.

But don’t blame the sewer line right away. First, find out other causes of the bad smell permeating throughout an area in your house. It might be smelly socks or old food. If you can’t find any source, it’s best to check if your sewer lines are releasing the noxious smell.

A decrease in water levels

If the water levels in the toilets suddenly fluctuate, your sewer line might be damaged. The damage could be from clogged or broken pipes. The most telling sign is a sudden decrease in water levels. Water could be seeping from the pipes to the walls or the ground. Try to find puddles or wet spots that don’t have any visible causes.

Slow water drainage

If water drains slowly in many parts of your house, such as in the shower, toilet, or sink, something might be wrong with the plumbing. The cause could be a blockage or an even bigger problem. Since this affects more than one area, it can be considered a severe problem that needs immediate professional help.

Unusual noise from the pipes

If you hear unexplained gurgling or other strange sounds whenever you flush the toilet or drain the bathtub, it might be a sign that something might be clogging the sewer pipes. If it’s the toilet, a plunger can be a temporary solution. But sometimes the blockage might not be solved with only a plunger.

Cracks on the walls and the floors

If you notice cracks forming on the walls, foundation, or even the ceiling of your house, you might not think of your sewer line as the culprit. But the plumbing can be ready to burst, and the cracks are the first signs of a big problem. Don’t assume right away that new breaks are nothing. You should have them checked for any issues.

Growth of mold or mildew

mold build up in a home's wall

Mold and mildew are another set of signs that homeowners regard as unimportant. After all, these grow everywhere during rainy weather. Also, any room that has insufficient air circulation is prone to developing mold and mildew. A damaged sewer line is the last culprit that people think about. But mold and mildew like water. So, in relation to the decrease in water level, the water can be seeping into areas where mold and mildew can access. A delay in finding the exact cause of the problem can make the mold or mildew worse. It would be best to get a professional to look at the problem immediately.

Owning a house comes with many maintenance issues. Some signs you notice can be clues to more significant problems. It is always better to have professionals diagnose your issue early. Knowing when to call them is essential. They can spot even the less obvious signs, so calling on their help can save you money later on.

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