What Are the Common Causes of Home Stress?

Stress refers to one’s physical and emotional response to change and the demands of life. It stems from work, finances to relationships. But do you know that your home can also serve as a major stressor? Here are the primary culprits:

1. Difficult Neighbors

A bad neighbor can force you to get out of the community regardless of how beautiful your home is. They are hard to deal with. Their loud noises, trash outside, and improper parking can drive you off the wall. When you tell them, they’re the ones who get mad! Accusing them won’t fix the problem, though. Befriending them is a better approach, then you can probably let them know how their behavior makes you feel- people are more likely to listen to someone they know personally. Or perhaps, you have done it before without any luck?

Consider getting a mediator or give them a warning about calling the local precinct then. The neighborhood is important in the quality of your life. It’s no wonder the saying that goes“ buy the worst house in the best streets” still applies to the home buying process. So before you get a house and lot package, take time to assess the neighborhood.

2. Unmanaged Home Expenses

This can stress you out even when you’re not home. The utility bills, mortgage, credit cards, and maintenance fees can quickly add up. Not being able to handle them wisely will give you headaches, particularly to first-time homeowners.

Knowing your income and understanding your expenses are the best solutions. Your income serves as the basis of your spending, while your expenses allow you to create a budget.

Start by subtracting your monthly income from your total expenses. A negative result indicates that you are spending more than your earnings. Write down your fix and variable expenses to become more aware of where most of your money goes. Then allot a budget and stick to it. Also, try getting rid of the unnecessary expenses that can ruin your budget. We’re referring to designer bags, hair salon, or gym membership.

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3. Mess

A study initiated by Princeton University shows that mess impairs our ability to focus, and the inability to concentrate results in disorientation, eventually stress. Blame it on your peripheral vision, though. It can still catch the clutter around you, even if you try to pay attention to your chores.

But instead of constantly cleaning the mess, why not try to get rid of them? We mean the items that occupy a space in your home. Sometimes they are the reason why your house looks cramped and untidy. Consider giving away the furniture you no longer use. As a minimalist might say, “acquire more by getting less.” That might mean having a more livable space and improved quality of life.

Further, try cleaning a little at a time. Sometimes small messes can easily pile up. Before you know it, there’s already a mountain of dirty dishes on the sink. Wash them right away rather than leaving them after meals.

4. Laundry

This can make you feel anxious, as your mind keeps reminding you that your laundry is piling up. But as a homeowner, it is not the only thing you have to deal with.

Here are a few tips for doing the laundry faster. Pre-sort your laundry. You need separate bins for white and colored clothes. With this, you can skip the sorting process on laundry day. Then instead of using a normal spin cycle, use the quick one. It leaves your clothes clean as much as the former but in a shorter time.

Rubbing chalk on stained clothes allows it to come off easily, preventing you from spending more time removing the stain. Upon taking the clothes out of the dryer, shake them out before hanging to reduce stiffness and wrinkles so that you can skip ironing. There you have it! With this, you can shorten your laundry time.

5. Dinner

Homeowners spend long hours traveling that they get short of time preparing dinner. Anyone can easily turn to fast food, though. But not only are they unhealthy, but they also ruin your budget!

Stocking homemade meals come in handy. Just figure out the size that will fit your whole family. Some of the best choices include burritos, Mexican style pasta, lasagna, and cheese waffles. With this, you can prepare a delicious dinner within minutes!

Your home is supposed to provide comfort and relaxation, not cause stress. So make it as pleasing and inviting as possible. By following our simple tips, you sure can do it!

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