Taking Care of Furniture at Home

These past few months, people have been staying indoors due to the Covid-19 virus. According to CNN, there are over 7 million Covid-19 cases in the U.S. since January. Multiple lockdowns all over the states, plummeting market, and small to medium businesses closing permanently are just among the major problems that we are facing today. Those who are lucky enough to keep their jobs started working remotely and students proceeding to online classes.

Basically, people have been spending a lot of time inside their home. As a result, people have been using their furniture and other pieces of equipment in their homes more often. Here are some tips that you can do to take care of your furniture and maximize their lifespan.

Clean and Dust Regularly

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can reduce the risks of contracting the virus by cleaning your house using soap and water. Dusting is one of the best ways to take care of your furniture. When dust accumulates in your furniture, it can cause scratches on the surface and other damages. When cleaning, it is advisable that you only use soft cloths or feather dusters to avoid further damage to the furniture.

However, if you have been away for a long time, you might need to do a more thorough cleaning than usual. Be aware of what cleaning soaps that you can use as it might cause discoloration and more damage. Use a mild soap and a soft cloth, wipe gently, rinse with water and quickly dry it with a soft dry cloth.

Protect them from the sun and rain

living roomThe harsh UV light from the sun can cause extensive damages to your furniture. Using protective screens or cloths will prevent quick deterioration and fading. Installing retractable rolling awnings in your patio will help in shading your furniture outside of the house.

Awnings can also help protect them in the rain and reduce the temperature inside your house thus also helping in protecting your other furniture. Retractable awnings can also help you save money in the summer. Instead of using your air conditioners and fans, you can just simply unroll it and enjoy the comfortable shade.

Reapply oil and wax

This usually applies to wooden furniture. There are 3 types of wooden furniture damage. Namely, environmental, chemical, and physical. Wooden furniture can be more prone to drying and may need some oil and wax from time to time. Make sure to clean the wooden furniture with mild soap and soft cloth first before you apply the oil. Let the wood absorb the oil.

Depending on the type of furniture, you might also need to apply a layer of protective wax. When using your wooden furniture, it is best if you use a coaster before putting your drinks down and use a potholder before you put something hot. There are also tablecloths that are readily available to protect your wooden furniture from any stains and possible discoloration.

Aside from these things, your wooden furniture may also be damaged by insect infestation and rodents. Keep an eye out and check your furniture from time to time. Prevent putting any food near the wooden furniture as the rodents and insects are attracted to them. However, if it has already been damaged, you can consider having it professionally fixed depending on the severity.

Prevent wear and tear

This especially applies to your fabric furniture and sofas. You may choose to protect them using a stain guard. Stain guard helps in reducing the risk of stains being permanent, molds, sun fading, and it makes cleaning up spills much easier. Fitted slipcovers can also help protect your sofa and sometimes, they do come with the couch when you buy it.

You can opt to have it professionally cleaned but some stains can be cleaned with a little attempt. When it comes to leathers, cleaning is usually easier. You just need a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt. If there are any stains, avoid using detergent as soap because it will make the surface harder.

Your home should be the safest place that you can be especially in these trying times. Your pieces of furniture add a comforting feeling to your home. Before you settle on what furniture to buy, it’s important to also consider the size, maintenance, and durability. Using these simple tips and tricks will help you keep them clean and in good shape. It will also save you a fortune and will help you maximize their lifespan.

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