Third Trimester: An Expectant Mother’s Quick Guide

Regardless of whether it is a planner pregnancy or is an unexpected one, most mothers see the whole 9-month journey as something that is memorable for a variety of reasons. To further understand the entire pregnancy journey, health professionals have conveniently separated it into trimesters.

This is to help women track the changes in their bodies, as well as their babies. Throughout the whole process, an obstetrician-gynecologist (OBGYN) will play a very important role in a mother’s life. Having a qualified OBGYN here in Pleasant Grove can make the whole pregnancy journey a lot less overwhelming, healthy and safe.

An OBGYN will serve as a guide, but further understanding what happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy is a responsibility that an expectant mother should also understand. Completing the first six months of pregnancy is a huge feat in itself.

And entering the last stage of the process means you are nearing the day that you will finally be able to meet your little one. But before that, understanding what to expect during the third trimester is a must.

How is the baby changing during the third trimester?

The third trimester is a period of rapid change. This starts when a woman enters her 28th week of pregnancy and is culminated when one gives birth. The period in between allows babies to hit developmental milestones.

Forming of the baby’s hair, nails, and strengthening of their bones are one of them. Their digestive systems are also slowly formed in preparation for coming out. It is also during this period that the baby’s five senses are fully developed, which means he can start seeing light, hearing sounds, or even tasting what his mother is eating.

woman consulting a doctor

The brain also develops rapidly during this period. This allows your baby to dream and even learn to regulate his own body temperature. But aside from the rapid developmental changes in the baby, the mother’s body is also changing and is also trying to cope with the coming of the little one.

For some, pain and discomfort will increase, so knowing how to prepare for this last stretch is essential.

How a woman should prepare for the last stretch

An expectant mother should anticipate more visits to their OBGYN during this period of their pregnancy. Because every pregnancy is different, it is important for one to have a clear understanding of their condition. Communicating with your OBGYN about your condition is a must.

Also, being physically and mentally prepared for the various changes (i.e. increased discomfort, Braxton Hicks contractions) that will happen in one’s body is necessary to be able to distinguish if an emergency situation from a normal one.

Now the fun part. Hard as it might for one to move because of their belly bump, preparing the nursery, and shopping for baby necessities are usually done during this time. Seeing your nursery come to life can help you envision the kind of life that you would have once your baby arrives.

And often, this is enough motivation to cheer any expectant parent up.

Reaching the third trimester is a milestone in itself and knowing what to expect and how to handle those changes can help one be more confident in finishing their pregnancy journey strongly.

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