The Relationship Between Interior Design and Fashion

The common grounds of interior design and fashion are more apparent than one may realize. A trend would come from the fashion industry then trickle down to houses after a few months.

Some interior design trends start from the runway. Huge fashion brands release it in glamorous fashion shows in big city fashion weeks, and as time goes by, fast fashion catches up to these designs. When fast fashion mass produces the next fad, it finds its way to a bedsheet, a couch, an accent wall, or a decoration in Alpine.

Their relationship does not just stem from trends, though. It goes deeper than that.

Both interior design and fashion affect psychology.

The famous quote tells everyone that “The world’s a runway.” Others also contend that dressing nicely in any situation gears a person to be ready for any case. This effect of fashion on a person’s psychology is called “Enclothed Cognition,” research that studies the impact of the symbolic meaning and the appearance of clothes on a person’s personality and behavior. For instance, a suit is to professionalism, activewear is to health and fitness, and casual is to approachable.

The way homes are designed influences the subconscious and evokes emotions. One factor that plays a crucial part in this is color. This is where the psychology of color comes in: blue and green are relaxing while red and orange can be a little overwhelming. An ongoing trend is also incorporating elements of nature into the home, such as a huge window overlooking the garden or indoor plants. This sight of greenery helps uplift one’s mood, help them start the day right, and increases productivity.

They express people’s personalities.

A critical factor that fashion can express is a person’s social status. Apparent signs and logos are visible on high-end clothing. Some are statement pieces that are easily distinguishable in a crowd of thousands. At a café, for example, you can easily judge a person by the way they dress. Someone who’s wearing a plain shirt and shorts probably prefers simplicity and straightforwardness in lifestyle while someone sporting a bold color and intense patterns are bold and daring.

living room

A person’s home tells so much about their character as this is where they find solace and comfort. Therefore, it should serve their taste and give them a soothing appeal. Fresh home lays out how a person’s choice of color, furniture, and décor can tell their personality. For example, someone whose style is grounded in pop art “has a complex personality defined by his perspective upon the world, commonly a very different perspective upon life compared with the vast majority.”

Clothes and shelter are necessities in everyday life.

These are a person’s basic needs. Clothes help humans adapt to changing weather and surroundings. They need it to cover up their bodies and protect themselves from external factors that could cause them harm.

People’s homes are where they find safety, security, and peace. It is where they are free from the stressors of the workplace and duties of the outside world. Their home is where they can be truly themselves and let their guard downs. It’s another protection from external threats and natural calamities.

Therefore, the relationship between fashion and interior design is undeniable. Both are forms of self-expression and play significant roles in our everyday needs.

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