Personalize Your Wedding Rings: How to Make it Even More Special

Weddings are one of the most significant moments in every couple’s life. It’s the start of a new beginning with them–the start of a life as one. It’s normal to want it to be something very special to you and your partner.


One of the ways you can do that is to personalize your wedding bands. Since wedding rings are an important symbol of your love, it should be something that matches your story as a couple.


Here are some of the ways to make yellow gold rings for her and him more special and unique.


Add Your Names


Perhaps the best way to personalize your wedding rings is to add your names. You can have it engraved. You can choose to put your initials, or you can add your complete first names to make it more unique.

It’s a simple way of making personalizing your wedding rings and make them something unique just for the two of you.

A Hidden Gemstone


If you know of actress Amy Adams’ engagement ring, then you probably know what this is about.


Basically, you add a gemstone on your wedding or engagement ring. But instead of showing it where it’s obvious, you add it inside the band. Only you and your partner can see it. It’s a lot like sharing inside jokes with them and all the special moments you have with them that only they can remember.


For wedding bands, you can add your partner’s birthstone on yours or vice versa. Or you can add your birthstone on your ring, and your partner’s on theirs.


Engrave Your Heartbeat

You probably have seen wedding rings with an engraved heartbeat. But most of the time, the heartbeat is a general image and something you can easily draw or grab on the internet.


If you want the same vibe but need it to be more unique and special, add your own heartbeat. You can get an electrocardiogram and have it recorded. Then, you can have it engraved inside or outside of your wedding ring.


When taking the procedure, think about your partner and all the things you’ve been through. It’s just a sweet way of immortalizing how your heart acts when they are around.


Engrave Your Vows

Getting married is a lifetime of keeping your promises to your spouse. So, what’s the best way to begin than engraving a promise on your wedding band.


The promise doesn’t have to be short nor long. It really depends on you. It can be just a single word or an entire sentence or a few ones that you can loop around the inside or outside of your ring. 


Either way, it’s a great way to remember that marriage life is something you both should work on as partners.



Being in love is a wonderful being. And it’s even more beautiful as you venture into a new chapter of your life together.


These are just simple things that you can do to make your wedding rings more special. However, the most important thing of all is to pour all the work and love into keeping your relationship last a lifetime.

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