The Love for Hardwood: Should You Consider It for Your Home?

This year has been a year of renovations. Many homes have been renovated to improve their overall foundation or bring more space to an already cramped household. However, aside from this, tiling is one of the main changes people have made to their homes this year. People are starting to like hardwood for their tiles more than ever, but is it truly worth it?

The world of renovations and remodeling is booming during this pandemic. As more Americans are stuck in their homes because of quarantine protocols, more are improving their homes. One of the main things Americans have learned this year is that hardwood floors are becoming more common in home improvements.

Let’s be honest here. Ceramic tiles just don’t cut it for our homes anymore. We all want the luxurious looks of other tiles and flooring out there. One of the best floors right now is hardwood. Here are some of its advantages.



Pristine Look

Hardwood has one of the most pristine looks when compared to medium-priced flooring. It’s cheaper than marble but more elegant when used in the right places. Additionally, hardwood has so many variations. You can go for so many choices, such as oak or hickory. You can’t get such a pristine look elsewhere with so many choices!

Durable and Resilient

Hardwood might not be considered resilient flooring, but it certainly can handle the punishment you throw at it. Hardwood floors are used in gyms and all sorts of heavy-duty areas. It also has the flexibility to handle all sorts of damage. So if you’re looking for durable and lasting flooring, choose hardwood.

Low Maintenance

Not only it’s durable, but it’s low maintenance as well! Hardwood tends to have a laminated finish, so it’s hard to get it damaged from scratches and all sorts of everyday nuisances. You don’t need to change hardwood flooring for the next ten years. In some cases, you might never need to change it ever again!

It’s Great for Pets!

Lastly, if you’re a pet lover, you know that flooring makes a difference in cleaning and keeping your home. Hardwood is the best choice for you if you have pets around. Once again, its laminated finish ensures that no fur sticks on the floor. Furthermore, it’s resistant to scratches, making it great for pets like dogs and cats.

Now that we’ve discussed its advantages, let’s talk about some disadvantages to hardwood.




Costly When Compared to Other Options

Hardwood is probably the most expensive choice in the tier of medium-priced flooring. Sure, many Americans can afford it, but most can’t afford to cover their homes with it. One or two rooms are practical for its price.

Difficult to Install

If you’re planning to install hardwood yourself, you’re out of luck. Hardwood requires a professional to install it. This means that there is an added cost to installation, making hardwood even more expensive.hardwood home

Can Be Noisy Later on

Hardwood flooring depreciates, and many years into the future, the laminated finish of your hardwood gives in. This opens the hardwood and can damage it. These damages can be quite noisy later down the line.


Despite these disadvantages, hardwood is still a great choice for your household, especially in these areas.

Living Room

Your living room is one of the most visited rooms in your household. It’s where everyone convenes and talks to each other. It’s also one of the best places to show off your hardwood floor. A hickory hardwood floor with a mountain grove design can be one of the best choices for your living room. It gives it that rustic design, and its color can pair well with any furniture you might have.


Your bedroom should be luxurious, considering that it’s the second most visited room in your household. For this, we suggest going the extra mile and use maple hardwood for your bedroom. Sure, it’s one of the most expensive choices out there, but it’s only for your bedroom! We assure you the luxurious design is worth it.


Lastly, hardwood fits right well in your corridors. It feels good under your feet and is not too slippery, especially if you wear some home slippers. Any design can fit right into your corridors, but we suggest cedar hardwood because of its resilience.

Where Should You Never Use It?

Since we’ve talked about the places where hardwood floors can be the most elegant, there is one place where you should never utilize hardwood, and that is your bathroom.

The moisture of the bathroom can only mean disaster for your hardwood floor. It can damage it and even make it slippery. This can be dangerous if you have an elder living in your home. Despite being one of the resilient floorings out there, hardwood isn’t worth having in your bathroom. Other good options are marble or maybe normal ceramic tiles instead.

So that’s everything you need to know about hardwood. It might be an expensive option, but it’s not as expensive as marble. It looks great and practically lasts for a lifetime. What else do you want for your flooring? Hardwood is the best choice for your next home renovation.

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