How Millionaires Distinguish a Dating Material and a Wife Material Woman

In the movies and books, millionaires are depicted as someone who can have anything and anyone they want. While that’s mostly true, in real life, finding a woman to marry isn’t always easy for them. In a sea of eligible bachelorettes, only a couple of them can be marriage material.

Like any other person, millionaires take relationships seriously. They may undergo a phase of dating around casually, but marriage is often in their goals. This is especially true for the heirs of a company. Family traditions dictate that the business must be passed down to the members of the bloodline.

Hence, when a millionaire is ready to settle, they’ll set their sights on the marriage material woman. How is she any different from a dating material woman? Can a dating material ever be a marriage material?

A Marriageable Woman Has the Potential for Motherhood

Millionaires see their children as heirs to their fortune. As such, they need to be raised by an exemplary mother. And this woman can be very hard to find. That’s why millionaires are very particular when looking for a future wife. They won’t simply swipe right on a dating app. They’d either search from their inner circle or hire an experienced matchmaker.

Even if a millionaire is in love with someone, they won’t necessarily marry her, unless she has the potential to raise his heirs. Sadly, if his girlfriend doesn’t seem to be the right fit, not even his love can convince him to marry her. This might not apply to all millionaires, but it’s worth noting. So if you’re dating a big shot, keep in mind that you need to work on your maternal instincts.

A Marriageable Woman is Intelligent

A dating material isn’t unintelligent, but millionaires stress that their future wife must possess the brains. If the woman they’re dating doesn’t pass their standards for brilliance, then their chances of getting married will be low.


When millionaires say “intelligent” they mean a woman who can challenge them respectfully, yet provocatively. They’re looking for passion, motivation, and excitement from her. In other words, they don’t settle for the docile types. They’d rather see you pursuing your own goals, engaging in your hobbies, and being independent.

A Dating Material Doesn’t Fit into His Life

Millionaires can date a woman who doesn’t fit into his life. That’s until he starts thinking of settling down. If the woman he’s dating can’t come to terms with his busy life, he’s going to find someone else to marry. He’ll focus his search on women with the same upbringing as him, and can be entrusted with his finances. He’ll also appreciate women who travel in the same social circles and has the same ideas as him.

To be fair, these qualities can be found on a dating material as well. But if she falls short on even just one quality, that can be a deal breaker. Millionaires want the complete package. Call their standards unrealistically high, but in the elite society, everyone holds themselves to the highest standards.

A Dating Material is All Physical

If a millionaire wants to experience the thrill of dating, they can just look for an attractive woman. And when it comes to physical appearance, they also have high standards. They’re not the same for every millionaire, of course, but the point still stands. Men are generally visual creatures, so they seek good DNA.

A woman’s beauty will also matter if they want to marry her. Since they want to raise heirs, they’re looking for a woman with a healthy body fit for reproducing. If that beauty is coupled with brains, then she’s the whole package.

A Marriageable Woman Can Take Care of the House and Family Matters

When you’re dating for fun — millionaire or not — you don’t imagine your date managing your household. But when you’re dating to marry, this quality comes into consideration. Millionaires may prefer career-driven, independent women, but they’d appreciate her more if she can also manage the house and family matters. After all, a good mother is family-oriented and makes her husband feel at peace.

A Dating Material isn’t Up to The Job of Being a Millionaire’s Wife

As cliche as it sounds, being married to a millionaire is a full-time job. His wife represents him and his family, so there’s barely room for missteps. She supports all his endeavors, even if it leaves him with little time for his family. And she serves as his pillar of support, his rock, and the nurturer of his home and children.

The movies and romance novels make marrying a millionaire sound like a fairytale, but it’s no Cinderella story in reality. To earn his love, respect, and devotion, you should be everything they are looking for. Even if you’re perfect in the eyes of society, you’re only a dating material to a millionaire if you’re not the complete package by his standards.

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