The Important Role of Aluminum in the Construction Industry

Aluminum is one of the most popular building materials commonly used nowadays. It is said to be more sustainable building materials out there. It can compete with other materials such as steel and iron in terms of durability and strength. From residential structures to commercial establishments, aluminum is indeed one of the best construction materials available today.

A building with an aluminum façade provides an elegant appeal to a structure. It is also used as window frames, storefronts, roofing, staircases, and railings among a few. Aluminum is also being used as a material for renovating historic structures. That said, aluminum is paving the way as an innovative and useful construction material not just in the present but also in the coming years.

What’s in aluminum?

For starters, aluminum was discovered around 200 years ago and has since been used for various applications. In fact, aluminum is said to the second most commonly used metal next to steel. It is commonly used for residential, commercial, and residential purposes.

Its properties are among the main reasons of aluminum usage for construction purposes. For one, aluminum is known to be lightweight yet durable. Its durability can be comparable to steel and iron but are different in terms of weight. In fact, aluminum is said to be three times lighter than steel material.

It is also ductile, meaning it can be shaped according to the construction needs. In addition, aluminum is resistant against corrosion because it has a layer of aluminum oxide that protects the material. It is also non-magnetic, resistant against fires, non-toxic, and sustainable to the environment.

aluminum construction materials

Earlier usage

It is said that aluminum was first used back in the 1920s for decorative and artistic purposes. However, it was first used as a building material in 1930 wherein most structures in the well-known Empire State Building used aluminum, including the spire and its internal structures. Taiwan’s tallest structure, the Taipei 101, also has an aluminum façade that can be able to withstand strong winds and seismic shocks due to earthquakes.

At present, aluminum is touted as one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable material for building purposes. It also requires minimal maintenance and does not need frequent painting to ensure its optimum appearance every time. It is also weather-resistant and can withstand extreme heat, cold, and other harsh outside elements.

Aluminum for building facades

As mentioned, aluminum is also being used as eye-catching facades for residential and commercial structures. For one thing, it can enhance the structure’s aesthetic appeal. Likewise, it can also enhance its durability and control temperature that enters inside the building.

Aluminum also has a high level of strength-to-weight ratio that makes it more convenient to transport and easier to handle in construction sites. Despite its lightweight properties, aluminum is guaranteed to last for years when used as a structure façade. It can also be easily adjusted in size when necessary, depending on the building type and height.

That said, aluminum material is a great building material that companies should consider using for future building projects. Indeed, it has a bright future ahead in the world of construction.

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