Building Your Weekend Road Trip Posse

No one wants to be stuck on the road with bad company. No amount of music can save you from the discomfort or the mounting level of annoyance that a pessimistic companion brings. It’s the complete opposite of what you want your road trip to be.

When you want to take the weekend off to relax, you should choose your companions wisely. The following people should be part of your road trip posse:

The Mother Hen

You’re the one who looked for a Sprinter van for sale in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s your job to keep the vehicle in good condition. However, it’s not your job to keep everyone in line, especially if you’re also the designated driver. For this, you need a mother hen friend.

There are friends who are naturally inclined to check on the needs of everyone else. These are valuable friends to have when you’re on the road, so everyone will be in a good mood and not worry too much. Whenever the mother hen notices someone in a bad mood or if it’s mealtime, they will remind you to make a stop. They will be concerned with everyone’s welfare, especially for the designated driver.

The Game Master

A couple of hours into the trip, boredom might start to set in. It would be a shame just to let everyone retreat to their phones, gadgets and tablets. This is where the game master comes in. They will be first to present game ideas for everyone to try, and they might even be ready with the props for each round. They’ll come up with interesting and entertaining games that will keep everyone engaged until you reach the destination.

The Snack Provider

potato chips

There’s always that one friend who packs food for everyone without being asked. They’re essential in keeping everyone in a good mood, particularly if you’re stuck in traffic and it’s time to eat. You can’t do anything about the number of cars on the road, but your snack provider friend always has enough (from regular snacks to unique food choices) to help tide everyone’s hunger over until they can get their fill at your destination. Snack providers may be the same as the mother hen, but the snack provider friend is mainly concerned with not going hungry. Why choose just one if you can have two people caring for the wellbeing of the group?

The Roadtrip Deejay

Roadtrips will not be as fun if there’s no music keeping everyone in good spirits. Now, everyone might have their preferences when it comes to the music and letting one person monopolize the car system will only lead to disaster. Instead of starting a fight because someone has been blasting country music for hours, let your road trip deejay curate the perfect road trip playlist by taking requests from everyone in the group.

Spotify is available almost everywhere, making it easy to add songs to the list. This way, everyone will get to hear their favorite songs, and they can also discover new artists from everyone else’s suggestions.

The people you invite to your road trip are vital in making your holiday fun, exciting, and memorable. Choose those who will truly help you relax for the weekend.

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