The Best Materials for Different Types of Garage Doors

There are companies that manufacture high-quality garage doors in Farmington, Utah and other nearby areas. These garage door manufacturers create different garage doors for private homes, businesses, and industries that need a protective barrier for their vehicles and other valuables stored in their garages. They also install and repair garage doors, thus serving as a one-stop-shop of sort.

But are all garage doors just the same? Let’s find out right now.

Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors can be classified into four types:

  • Canopy. Canopy garage doors are quite inexpensive since most are manually opened and closed. A lot of homeowners have them since they only needed to be lifted up and down – quite a simple task to do.
  • Roller. Roller garage doors can either be manual or automatic. As the name suggests, you have to simply roll them up and down. They are favored by a lot of property owners since they can accommodate a much wider space for vehicles. They are more convenient to operate, particularly the automatic type.
  • Retractable. Retractable garage doors are pretty similar to the canopy type, but they don’t have an overhang. Also, retractable doors are much more extended from their frames, whereas canopy doors are pretty much devoid of such clearances.
  • Sectional. Sectional garage doors are a hybrid of retractable and roller doors. They are split into sections


Different Garage Door Materials

Now that we’ve discussed the various garage door types, let’s move on to the various materials used to create them:

  • Steel. About 50% of the garage doors on the market today are made of steel, so it’s safe to say that steel garage doors are easily the most common ones you’ll see in homes, commercial establishments, and industrial areas. They are weather-resistant (with proper coating), relatively inexpensive, and practically maintenance-free.
  • Wood. This has an excellent insulation property and is actually the material used for the first garage doors. Wood garage doors are likewise inexpensive and attractive, which makes them still popular up to these days.
  • Wood composite. For those who want the look and feel of wood garage doors minus the maintenance costs, then a wood composite garage door is the right pick. Such an option is manufactured from upcycled wood materials and offers steel-like durability with the aesthetics of pure wood. Wood garage doors are rot-resistant. They can be stained or painted to achieve very specific finishes that those who are gunning for a custom appeal absolutely love.
  • Aluminum. This is a light and inexpensive option, so it’s no surprise that a lot of garage door manufacturers prefer to use it. Aluminum garage doors can also be fashioned to mimic other materials such as wood. They can also be made to display various finishes and textures. For these reasons, they are likewise highly favored for their aesthetic merits.
  • Fiberglass. While there are quite a small number of fiberglass garage doors compared to other types, they are nonetheless a great alternative. They effectively resist dents, can also be painted to the desired effect, and has a thinner profile compared to steel. Those who are living near coastal areas will find fiberglass garage doors excellent since they do not get damaged by exposure to saltwater or corrosive elements.

Whichever of these options you eventually pick, a reliable garage door manufacturer can be your best ally. You can have your garage doors customized, delivered, and installed for you. In fact, there are manufacturers who also offer repair and maintenance services so that you won’t have to hire multiple people to do all the jobs that you need for your garage doors.

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