Office Renovation Top Three: Where to Make Changes Now

These days, the reason for a commercial renovation is not always to accommodate an expansion. Some companies pay a general building contractor in Park City and other locations for an upgrade for branding, while others invest in new technology to make the office more energy efficient.

When you are planning an office renovation, which areas of the office should you consider modifying? Experts have a few suggestions.

Window upgrades

You’re probably on a budget and you are keen on getting a conservative estimate. If you cannot have multiple renovations and need to prioritize, why don’t you start with the window? It might be an unusual place to start, but you might want to think about the importance of having enough sunshine and light in your workplace. If there is a haze on the old windows that keep the light out and limit the view of the outside world, then a window upgrade should be on top of your list.

Natural light during the day removes the necessity for overhead lights. Your organization could save a lot just by keeping the lights off when there is enough sunlight coming in. There are more benefits to having bigger and higher expansive windows. Studies show that workers exposed to natural light are happier and more productive. If your office is small in terms of floor area, having bigger windows could reduce the feeling of claustrophobia that characterizes a limited workspace.

Colourful lounge and reception

These days, a professional-looking reception area doesn’t have to be austere and monochromatic. People who visit your office should feel inspired and energized. Bright colors are friendly and encouraging. An edgy and modern look could be the missing ingredient and should breathe life to your office environment. Your patrons are not the only ones to benefit from a change in scenery. Workers coming to work would find their spirits lifted with pops of color when they enter an inviting and happy workplace. Make it fun because why not?

Don’t wait to remodel the existing reception area until it’s worn out. You might be the only office on the block with boring colors, and it could be one reason potential customers are choosing not to go inside and get to know you more.

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Compliance and accessibility

One of the often-overlooked aspects of a workplace is its accessibility for the disabled in the community. If your office is still not having an accessible design, then this is the best time to consider adding the necessary modifications. Ramps and entranceways must abide by prescribed dimensions for wheelchair accessibility. Restrooms should offer comfort and support to those with restricted mobility.

Accessibility is worth looking into. Make reasonable modifications and ensure compliance to local, state, and federal regulations. After all, you want your organization to provide goods and services to everyone, right?

You can work with an experienced general contractor and consult with an architect and interior designer to work out modifications that will make the office space more friendly and accommodating. Your workers, guests, and customers will appreciate your dedication to providing an environment that is comfortable and accessible.

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