How Much Should You Spend to Move Furniture to Tasmania From Sydney?

Residents in Sydney who plan to move to another state should expect to pay between $75 and $300 per hour for furniture removal.

You might save money by hiring a contractor outside of New South Wales. Some Tasmanian furniture transport service providers, for example, may charge a lower rate when you hire other services such as clean-up, packing, and storage. When asking for a quote, make sure the contractor mentioned whether or not it includes transit insurance. Hourly rate with insurance is usually $250 per hour, and the amount may cover damages from packing pieces of furniture up to unboxing them.

How Contractors Quote Rates

Furniture removalists base their quotes on the size of your house. Furniture removal for apartments will be cheaper than bigger homes with more rooms. A Sydney-based service provider may charge $110 per hour for moving small items but only within the city. Small transfers usually take at least two hours.

Long-distance moves to as far as Tasmania or Victoria will certainly require a higher fee. For example, interstate furniture removal from Sydney to Melbourne may cost up to $5,000. The rate applies to a three-bedroom house including the cost of packing and insurance.

Coverage of Services

While many furniture removalists offer different services, they won’t accept defective boxes in their care. Likewise, contractors won’t handle containers that aren’t the right size for items. You can’t ship toxic chemicals or hazardous materials for safety reasons. It may be illegal to do so when you plan to move interstate.

Food and other perishable items won’t be included as well, so you need to bring them with you on the moving date. It’s ideal to remove everything from the refrigerator a few days before the scheduled move. You should also start looking for a furniture removalist at least four weeks before your preferred date. If possible, schedule an appointment on a weekday to pay lower rates.

Growing Outbound Migration

Tall Apartment Block in Sydney, Australia. Tree and street light in front of a new apartment building. Looking up at a modern high-rise apartment house.

Once you decide on a moving date, you will be among tens of thousands of Sydney residents that leave the city every year. Eye-watering home prices and congested communities are among the top reasons for a growing outbound migration. Some people even lament over the city’s dull nightlife, which is also a factor for fleeing residents.

People between 25 and 34 years old comprise most of the outbound migrants. Owning a bigger house for their families is their top reason for leaving Sydney where buying a house is nearly impossible with a middle-class income. Even those who earn more than $1,000 every week find it difficult to buy a house in Sydney, according to Macquarie University demographer Professor, Nick Parr.

You should ask for quotes from as many furniture removalists as possible before deciding where you want to move. Hiring a full-service company will be more convenient, but it requires a big budget. Consider doing some of the work, such as packing and clean-up to save money, and choose an insured contractor for your peace of mind and protection.

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