Brighten Your Basement: Turn That Dark Space into Your Favorite Haven

The image that basements are scary places is definitely understandable, and it’s not because they’re mostly associated with horror movies. Having a basement may be both a blessing and a curse, but with the right decorating ideas, you can turn this space into your favorite area at home.

Decorating down there can be truly challenging, however. Most of the time, you’ll have to contend with dim corners, low ceilings, cold concrete floors, and strange bulkheads. But, just because it’s the bottom floor doesn’t mean it’ll have to be at the bottom of your interior decorating list.

If you look at your basement the same way you see the other rooms in your house, you can transform it into something more than a storage space. All it takes are some fresh paint, well-designed lighting, and design pieces such as artwork and area rugs.

Here are some ideas on how you can make your basement as stylish as your living room:

1. Go all out on the layout.

After you’ve decided on the budget and how you’re going to use your basement, think about the floor plan that will work best for your space. Many homeowners choose to create a guest room. If this is what you want, you may have to add a few things, such as a bathroom. If that’s beyond your budget, you can turn it into your reading area instead. It doesn’t have to serve just a single purpose, however, especially if your space is large. If you don’t want permanent changes, use wooden partitions, and divide the space into several rooms with different functions.

2. Locate the light.

Compared to the other areas at home, basement windows are often smaller because the space is usually either partially or totally underground. If you prefer bigger ones, you can hire¬†window installation services in Kansas City to switch things up a bit. If that isn’t an option, you have to maximize your available lighting. The right lighting solutions can make the space feel more spacious and make up for your limited access to natural light. You can use table lamps, floor lamps, and walls scones. Another trick to reflect light is to have mirrors hanging strategically inside the room.

3. Paint the Walls White.

Spacious empty basement with laundry in american house
Here’s what makes most basements a challenging space to decorate: they’re dark. So, one way to brighten up your basement is to paint the entire walls white. It may require a bit of upkeep to stay in that color, but you can choose another very light color instead. When you go for the monochrome look, you’ll be able to divert the attention away from the odd angles or bulkheads in your space to make it appear bigger. Go for white furniture pieces that blend into the walls to truly maximize the effect.

Finally, try to lessen the contrast. When there are way too many contrasts between the ceiling, floor, and walls, everything will feel shorter and lower. So, choose the same paint color for all your walls, ceilings, columns, and bulkheads. Even your chosen flooring material should match or complement your walls.

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