Gutters Systems: Your Family’s Savior from Water Damage

Gutters require attention. You cannot have a crew for roofing services here in Orem install the system and leave them to the birds. You have to be vigilant and make sure no leaves and twigs are blocking the path of rainwater down from the roof.

You cannot wait too long to have someone with the right equipment and training go up there to take a look. Poorly maintained gutters break down soon enough, and the entire house will groan under the weight of their affliction. That’s not an exaggeration and here’s why.

The gutter system

First, we shall take a more detailed look into the components of the gutter system. Of course, gutters are part of the roof. The roof covers the entire house and protects the household from the elements. One of its primary functions is to drain water from storms into the ground.

This is possible through gutters, which must be capable of capturing all the drainage and channel them into the downspouts. Gutters are supported by hangers and protected by gutter guards. Meanwhile, the downspouts are pipes that bring water down to the base and drain into the soil, where pipes lead it far and away from the foundations of the house.

A failure of the gutter system would make it difficult to drain water away from the house. What happens when water or moisture gets “trapped” in the house?

Water and moisture damage

Damaged ceilingWet soil is muddy and inconvenient. That’s what you see and experience when you trod on it. There is a more important reason why you want to keep the land around the house dry enough. When there is too much water, moisture could find its way through cracks and crevices into the foundation concrete, crawlspaces and basement floor. Moisture condenses on cold surfaces. When the conditions are right, a damp floor could start leaking and become a wet floor. In time, there could be flooding in the lower areas of the house without our knowledge.

Condensation occurs in the upper areas as well. Damaged gutters could lead to water leakage into the attic walls and ceilings. Moisture in the walls invite fungal growth, and very little time, moisture harbors mold and mildew. There are many ways trapped moisture and condensation could cause damage and rob you of a peaceful and comfortable home life.

Gutters are important

Roofs must have gutters, and gutters must be appropriately maintained. Now that you have learned about the potential hazards of water and moisture damage, you can take preventive steps. If you ensure the gutter system is always in optimal shape, you can rest assured the soil around the house remains stable and keep it from being waterlogged.

Gutter maintenance helps you avoid problems with the foundation, the basement, and the attic. By spending just enough to make sure it’s working properly after a particularly troublesome storm, you will save hundreds of dollars on potential repairs from future water and moisture damage.

A gutter system is designed to divert rainwater away from the house and keep your family dry. You should let it do its job correctly.

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