Understanding Window Frame Types

Window frames are an essential factor to consider when buying new windows or when looking to replace existing ones during a renovation. If your frame is of high quality, the window will last for years. You’ll know quality by looking at the structure before you can consider the glass. Note that size is part of your consideration for quality. With the wrong size, the window could be too large it needs to be cut or too small that it lets in the draft and racks up more insulation costs.

When looking for quality windows and doors in Sudbury or any other place, you need to consider whether they are for repairing or replacing. Your remodeling contractor can advise whether your choice will be easy to maintain. Rotting windows, for example, will not need repair, but replacement. Single panes that let in the draft may need repair and insulation to improve efficiency.

The following are the types of frames you may consider:

Vinyl frames

These frames are made from polyvinyl chloride. This is the material used in plumbing fittings and pipes. It is generally extruded to make it straight and then fitted into the frame before being fitted with glass. The frames are loved for their affordability and excellent insulating properties. Vinyl is perfect if you want playful window designs that match a specific style. The only downside of vinyl is that its aesthetic charm is limited compared to aluminum or wood, and it is not as durable.

Fiberglass frames

Woman looking out the windowFiberglass frames can withstand weathering. They can resist extreme changes in temperature more than other window frame materials. Fiberglass is easy to maintain. While the material is typically dull, one can finish it with paint to add some brightness. However, fiberglass will still be lacking in aesthetic appeal compared to wood and vinyl. Note that since fiberglass resembles glass panes so much in structure and composition, it allows the two to respond to temperature changes with similar contraction and expansion rates, providing excellent insulation properties.

Aluminum frames

Aluminum frames are long-lasting and give the home a rugged appearance. They give a modern look and allow sunlight into the house, making it appear brighter. Without any paint, they need low maintenance and will not rot or wear out easily because of sunlight exposure. The downside is that aluminum is not as efficient as the other frames. However, manufacturers and home remodeling professionals can put in place measures to improve efficiency.

Wooden frames

Wooden window frames are attractive and durable if they are well maintained. Failing to repaint such frames, for example, could cause them to expand and contract severely, damaging them in the process. They are likely to rot in particular climates. Wooden frames can adapt to different home styles and standards while still maintaining their aesthetic appeal and overall strength.

During a home remodeling project, your contractor will offer you a variety of options. You could decide to keep your window frame material or to have it changed. Whatever the case, inquire about maintenance. There are options that allow you to get commercial products and support kits to keep your windows in good shape.

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