How Much Should You Spend in Utah for Asbestos Removal?

Homeowners in Utah should expect to spend an average of $1,866 for asbestos removal. This is the national average, so the actual rate will vary based on several factors. Your location will affect the overall price aside from the cost of labor and asbestos testing. In Salt Lake City, it may cost between $200 and $850, including visual inspection and lab tests.   While you can save money by buying a testing kit, it may not provide accurate results. You should consider a more thorough inspection from an EPA-certified laboratory, which is normally done prior to remediation.

Costs Per Area

Asbestos removal specialists charge different rates depending on the part of the house being tested or treated. If you discover asbestos on the roof, you could spend at least $20 per square foot for abatement. Roofing tends to be more expensive than other parts of the house because of the increased difficulty of access to this area, but it shouldn’t cost more than removing asbestos from walls or drywall.

For instance, asbestos removal for the walls of a 1,500-square foot house may cost at least $16,000. The good news for homeowners, however, involves the smaller chance of finding asbestos in newer homes. Those who want to be sure can still hire a professional to conduct a test. After all, asbestos fibers can cause lung and stomach cancers.

Cost of Labor and Materials

A typical abatement may take at least eight hours for two specialists. Each of them may charge at least $75 per hour to complete the project. You won’t have to buy the necessary tools since contractors may include the price in their quotes. An average removal project normally incurs $450 for the price of materials and equipment.

Ask the contractor about the type of tools that they plan to use for your house. It’s important that the materials prevent asbestos from spreading in the air. You also need to consider the expenses on permits and disposal. The actual fee in Utah may range between $10 and $50 per cubic yard, while permit fees may cost from $50 to $100.

Legal Restrictions

An image of asbestos

U.S. federal laws don’t prohibit homeowners from removing asbestos by themselves. Despite this, you should still check the local rules in your area before attempting a DIY removal. The rules for asbestos testing in Salt Lake City may be different from Provo and other cities in Utah.

For an extra layer of security, you should request the remediation company to hire a separate contractor for tests before and after the removal of asbestos. A comprehensive analysis must correctly identify the type of asbestos for proper abatement.

Asbestos remediation isn’t cheap, but don’t skimp on the price of removing it from your house. The money you save may not be worth the same cost of treating respiratory illnesses among family members. When choosing a contractor for asbestos removal, go for an insured and licensed company to ensure better results. Shop around for quotes from at least three different specialists to compare the rates and find the best deal.

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