Full House: The Perks of Living with Your Family

Moving out of your family home is a concept that has many variations depending on which corner of the world you’re from.

For most people, there will come a time that they will experience moving out. Often, it happens the moment they turn 18 and leave for university. They stay in dorms and later in flats either by themselves or with companions of their choosing. It should be noted, however, that this is not commonly practiced in every culture.

In fact, in most Asian countries, it’s perfectly acceptable for children to stay with their parents throughout their years in university, and even after, when they take on their first jobs. This is the result of the notion of familial cooperation. The idea of nuclear families is often lost in these spaces, as many live in one home with extended family.

Moreover, it is not at all uncommon for older generations, like the grandparents, to also live in the same house instead of being sent to a home for the aged. With so many people living in one property, various arrangements have been brought up.

Some make small spaces work, others take a different route and upgrade their houses or even install secondary homes like granny flat kits to keep their family around.

As pleasant as these circumstances may sound, however, the practice of staying with family after passing the legal age is almost looked down upon in other parts of the world.

The debilitating take on what independence should be has resulted in the creation of another meaning for the word ‘boomerang’. In this context, it describes those who have failed to live up to the existing standards of what adulthood should be.

Blinded by this ideal, these people fail to see the many benefits there is to living with their family.


One of the most obvious perks of staying with money is that you get to save money. So many of the younger generation, those who are in their late teens or 20s, don’t have the opportunity to build up their savings account due to the numerous bills they have to pay monthly. Rent, perhaps, is the most costly out of the bunch.

Those who choose to stay with their families and are welcomed back use money delegated for rent on other things, like grocery contribution, gas money, or for rainy days.


living with the grandparents

Another appealing aspect of living with family is the constant companionship. Family bonds get stronger considering every member lives on the property. Should you need support, either moral or financial, you have someone to approach in the form of parents, guardians, or siblings.


Upon moving out, very few people can afford to live alone. Hence, a large number of people who have to make a difficult decision when it comes to their housing situation. They can either sacrifice quality for privacy, or make do with a decent flat or home with roommates.

Some are fortunate enough to room with friends. Others? Not so much. There are no perfect roommates, but there are those so terrible that we have hundreds, if not thousands, of bad roommate horror tales floating around the internet.

This isn’t something to fret over when living with family, though. Your security in terms of your being, as well as your belongings, are ensured.

Those who shame others should consider the many benefits that come with living with family. You can be independent without having to sacrifice your security and comfort.

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