The Death of the Skinny Fit: Should We Say Goodbye to Skinny Jeans?

Fashion is an amazing way to express ourselves and make us feel confident in our own skin. It’s something that people easily gravitate towards because of the freedom and accessibility it provides when finding creative inspirations.

Denim jeans are one of the staple style pieces that have never left our wardrobes. While we’ve witnessed a variety of denim styles emerge in the last few decades, the skinny jean is that one thing that has dominated everyone’s closet.

The widespread acceptance of fitted denim encouraged fashion brands to reintroduce skinny jeans in unique styles for different fashion tastes. These include Guess pants for ladies known for providing women a range of denim jeans, particularly ripped skinny jeans and dressy pants.

While skinny jeans have been long considered as the most flattering denim style, this staple item is gradually losing its iconicity in the fashion world. This got everyone thinking if the skinny jean has lost its charm and whether it still deserves a place in our closet. In this article, we’ll find out about the possible death of the skinny jeans era and the best alternatives to the skinny fit.

Are skinny jeans dead?

Reports about the death of the skinny jeans era emerged in the first few months of 2021. Although it was once dubbed as the denim trend that never dies, many denim trends have attempted to replace skinny jeans.

One of them is the boyfriend jeans, which was the only alternative women had to skinny-fit jeans. While fashion-forward people immediately hopped on this trend, many view boyfriend jeans as unattractive and too baggy. People’s hesitance to other denim styles proved the staying power of skinny jeans in our wardrobes.

It wasn’t until a recent social media trend drove a significant decline in the demand for skinny jeans. Generation Z, youngsters born between the mid-to-late 1990s and 2010, started a protest on social media platform TikTok where they upload short videos mocking the millennial fashion of their love for skinny jeans.

The videos showed Gen Zs instructing people to get rid of skinny jeans by burning them or cutting them up as cleaning cloths. Young people are declaring skinny jeans as a canceled trend and labeled millennials as lame for wearing them to look younger. They also claim that pin-thin denim is out of style and officially dead.

Gen Z’s collective dislike for skinny jeans got everyone realizing that the skinny jeans trend should finally take its rest. As a result, the increased hatred towards skinny jeans got fashion brands offering other denim choices, from baggy, mum jeans, wide-leg, straight-cut, and boyfriend denim.

Are skinny jeans really out of fashion?

couple wearing jeans

First and foremost, fashion is fluid. Although baggy pants from the 90s are making a comeback, skinny jeans are not completely dead. This denim trend has been around for more than a decade, which has been embraced by many people and perfected by fashion brands and the denim industry.

The young generation, particularly Gen Z, grew up in an era where leggings and skinny jeans were in style and the only option they have. Throughout their school years, they kept wearing skinny jeans because brands keep selling them. Now they’re on their own, Gen Zs are looking for something that will allow them to leave their childhood past. They’re not only looking for independence but also freedom in style.

That’s why millennials have been clinging to skinny jeans because we finally have denim pants that don’t easily touch the floor, are stretchable, and can be worn with any shoes. In other words, skinny jeans were a breath of fresh air for millennials who grow up with lean and long jeans.

It’s hard to tell if skinny jeans will completely lose their hold in the fashion industry. After all, people are still loving their skinnies because it’s sexy and flattering.

Other alternatives to skinny jeans

If you’re considering other styles aside from skinny jeans, here are denim recommendations you should try right now:

Straight leg: This style is perfect for those not willing to part with their skinny fit roots. The straight-legged jean is a little looser than skinny jeans while still looking very flattering.

Cropped kick: Cropped jeans have a slim leg that looks somewhat skinny with a tiny flare at the bottom.

Flare or boot cut: This denim style is throwing all the way back! If you want to relive the 70s era, this silhouette has a wider leg that looks quite flattering in the thigh and hip region.

Boyfriend: Boyfriend fits are a mixture of comfort and fashion cycle. It’s like merging the late nineties and the early 2000s in one signature style. If you want to stay comfortable while looking fashion-forward, this is your go-to denim pants.

Fashion trends come and go, which means we have to accept the fact that the skinny jean will meet its subsequent death whether we like it or not. Nevertheless, we should never let the current trends dictate what we want to wear. In or out, choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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