Go on a Family Vacation Safely This Summer

When was the last time you and the kids went on a vacation together? Like many others, your original vacation plans from weeks, months, or even a year ago may have been dashed by the pandemic.

All these months at home could have your whole household going a little stir-crazy. You don’t have to spend all that time at home! There are plenty of ways to go out and make the most of your summer while making safety a priority.

Go Domestic Instead

We all miss the excitement of boarding a plane to visit brand new places, but flying overseas comes with a great deal of planning to gain peace of mind.

First, you have to check if borders are open in your desired destination, then confirm the requirements for admission into the country. There is also the anxiety that comes with having to maintain a good physical distance at the airport and inside the airplane.

An easy way to avoid the hassles that come with all these preparations is to simply travel locally instead. Nearby areas have so much to offer that you may not even have discovered yet.

Making Local Traveling Safer

Even if you are only traveling around your local area or even visiting another state, you still need to make sure that your activities allow you to keep safety a priority.

1. Take your car with you.

Instead of taking a plane or public transportation to go to your destination, bring your car with you instead. Aside from being cheaper, it is also more reassuring since it prevents physical contact with other people.

The travel itself is a great way to catch up with the family and squeeze in some bonding time you may not have had because of your busy work- or study-from-home schedules.

Anticipate long travel times, especially if you are visiting a remote location or going interstate. Before packing up and leaving, get your Subaru repaired in a nearby shop to avoid issues on the road that could get in the way of your family vacation.

family ski vacation

2. Rent a vacation home.

If you want the freedom of being at home but also want the freedom to roam around and do various activities, then a rental home is a great choice for your family. Many vacation rentals are located nearby beaches, hiking areas, and other tourist spots, too.

You can check with local rental companies in the destination you are eyeing for recommendations and popular spots. Marketplace websites such as Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway, and Booking.com are also helpful for finding the perfect place with the right amenities for your families. Make use of platforms such as Tripping.com to compare prices of different rentals, too.

3. Go camping.

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from feeling a little adventurous. Camping is a fun, scenic means of answering your need for more nature. Do some research on camping grounds in your local area to find the best spot for you.

Pay a visit to Recreation.gov to find more information about popular campsites and make reservations. Alternatively, you can also check out Hipcamp, a camping rental platform similar to Airbnb.

Since certain periods are busier than others, especially during the summer, go when there are fewer people. Weekdays are usually the best time to go in summer because people often travel on the weekends or on holidays.

4. Visit public parks.

It doesn’t initially sound exciting, but you may be surprised at how enjoyable visiting local parks can be. There are no set activities when visiting the park, but that’s why it can be so fun! You can exercise together, play sports, or simply sit down for a picnic.

Still, be careful. Since parks are open to everybody, they can become crowded. Do not interact closely with people who aren’t in your family and wash your hands frequently to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

If your children want to use playgrounds, check first if there are a lot of people in the area. Do not let your kids play without your supervision, too, to make sure that they can safely play.

5. Get vaccinated.

The wisest course of action is to wait to get vaccinated before making any vacation plans. The good news is that the road is slowly opening up for children to get vaccinated, too!

When you are fully vaccinated, the places you can visit increase, too. Some countries are reopening borders for vaccinated individuals from the U.S. If you have reservations, remember that there is nothing like being fully vaccinated to reassure you of your family’s safety on vacation!

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