Dealing With an Uneven Floor: Potential Solutions

When you walk into your new house, one of the most disturbing things that you can experience is walking on an uneven floor. People expect the floor to be flat and steady. If the floor looks like it is sagging or has other forms of unevenness, then people immediately feel like there is something wrong.

The problem is that there might be several reasons for the unevenness, depending on the materials used and the circumstances. Here are the things you can do to make your floor flat and even:

Think About Simple Solutions

A slight slope is not a large problem. As long as the floor is still structurally sound, you can walk around with no worries. If this is the case, your main problem would be the furniture moving around. To solve that, you can buy furniture levelers. These are simple to install in the bottom of your furniture. The result is that your furniture will be stable despite the slope in the room. The inserts are hard to notice and they look better than stacking coins or newspapers under one leg.

Identify Problem Areas

For worse floor problems, you are going to have to do some repairs. Before doing so, you will need to identify the problem areas in your flooring. You will want to do this first so that when you do your repairs, you do it at one go. The easiest way to figure out where your floors sag is to simply drop a few marbles and see where they go. On an even floor, the marbles won’t move at all. For floors with sags and dips, you will notice that marbles will go to specific areas. You can also use a carpenter’s level to double-check such spots.

Solving the Sag

pouring cement

Now that you know where your floors are having problems, you can then take steps to fix them. There are several solutions available. Your house naturally settles as it ages and this can cause the materials in your flooring to contract in some areas and expand in others. You should check the flooring to see whether it is still stable. It is much easier if it is wooden flooring.

If the joists and beams are in good condition, you can pour self-leveling underlayment. This is a cement formula that solidifies and becomes a level surface to support your flooring. If the problem is rotten or weak supports and you have the skills, then you can replace and reinforce them.

Calling the Professionals

DIY repairs have their limits. There are some situations where it is best to call in professional contractors despite the expense. One example would be if you are dealing with concrete materials. Uneven concrete is not simple to fix with basic skills. Special tools will be necessary.

Fortunately, a complete renovation is not necessary. Experts in concrete leveling and lifting in Layton and other nearby areas can fix uneven concrete slabs by using alternate approaches. If you think you cannot do the job of evening the floors, you should seriously consider hiring contractors to fix it.

A floor needs to be level and flat. Anything else and you risk accidents and other problems. Fixing your flooring should be a priority when you first notice the problem. The cost of such repairs can be high, but it can be worth it to walk with no worries across the floors of your home.

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