Levelling Up Your Home: The Benefits of Designing a Split-Level of Home

When you are building a new home or renovating your old one, you are bound to come up with a new floor plan. The new floor plan should allow you to maximise every corner and square inch of your house. There are many layouts and floor plans that will allow you to do just that – and one of them is the split-level floor plan.

If you are purist when it comes to modern floor plans, you may have the impression that split-level homes have already fallen out of favour. You may even think that such a floor plan is impractical, elaborate, and easy to maintain.

But a few tweaks on split-level plans will actually allow result in a layout that can easily complement your lifestyle requirements. After buying land for sale in Donnybrook in Victoria, here are some of the greatest benefits that easily come with building a split-level home:

Split-level homes allow for clear boundaries

Unlike open plan homes and straightforward layouts, split-level homes will enable you to create clear boundaries between spaces. There is a clear distinction between the rooms downstairs and the areas upstairs. Some elevated rooms, such as mezzanines, also have their own boundaries.

When spaces have their own boundaries, designing and cleaning them are much easier and more manageable. And because it allows for more rooms, you have the option to rent one of them to earn extra income.

You can have more rooms

Because split-level homes have several levels, you can have more rooms. You can have separate rooms for your kids, and privacy is ensured. Other than bedrooms, you can set up spaces, such as a home office, a gym, an entertainment room, a workshop, or a second kitchen.

A split-level home is ideal for large families. Two or more families can even benefit from this type of layout.

You can set up two or more outdoor spaces

Split-level homes also allow you to maximise the floor plan in a way that will even allow you to build two or more outdoor spaces. For one, you can have a porch, a front deck, and even a backyard deck. Depending on your design, you can even have a balcony on either side of your home.

The home is much more adaptable

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Your home may have different levels, and the function of each space will depend on your purpose. You can easily modify the purposes of the spaces, depending on your lifestyle. A split-level home is also perfect for people or families that love customising.

A split-level home remains an architectural design classic, as it allows you to create clear distinctions between zones and maximise every square inch. It also complements different sizes of land. If you have a small land, you can build your home vertically.

And if you have a large land, you may come up with levels and floors depending on the function of each space. Better yet, you should consult with an architect or interior designer who specialises in split-level and multi-level homes.

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