Clean Air: How to Maintain Air Quality at Home

The growing population helped increase pollution levels around the world. This is more prevalent when you live in a city where traffic is a part of daily life. Aside from smoke from vehicles, electric consumption also causes pollution. That and a lot more contribute to the health hazards of dirty air. Air quality is very important especially in people with health conditions. And, you’re susceptible to illnesses with too much exposure from pollution. Here’s why everyone should work together for clean air.

Clean Air for Life

Alan Andres from Client Earth, a non-profit environmental law group, wrote an article about clean air on the United Nations Environment Programme. He mentioned the challenges everyone faces from air pollution. In his opinion, there’s much negligence for public health. It’s the right of the people to have access to clean air, but that’s a problem when you live in a polluted place. It’s hard to practice green living without much initiative from the authorities. For that, locals are lucky if their municipalities take this topic seriously.

Keep in mind that your home can be more polluted than outside. This is due to various reasons like smoking or poor ventilation. As an individual, you can start taking care of your health from your home. Many home products can cause health hazards and pollution. Particles from varnish, paints, and even surface cleaners are dangerous. What you can do is to buy natural products. Paints today have safer versions than those in the old days. Even cleaners have natural versions that don’t use toxic chemicals.

Aside from particles, smoke inside the house is also dangerous. In general, smoking is bad for the smoker and the second-hand smoke receiver. Smoking may be worse when you’re inside. You can get allergies and other lung problems when you inhale it. There are more pollutants indoors like gases, mold, and radon. Avoid smoking inside or better yet, quit smoking to help the environment and yourself.

Health Hazards

You may develop different health conditions if you have poor air quality at home. The most common are asthma, allergies, and lung diseases. You can also experience vomiting, headaches, and dizziness. Many get lung cancer from radon and smoke.

With all that's mentioned, you're probably asking, "How do I maintain clean air at home?" The simplest way is to clean your house regularly. This means sweeping and mopping the floor. You should also dust off tables and other furniture. Change towels, bedsheets, and other fabric items each week.


Maintain proper ventilation at home, as this is essential for air quality and circulation. This also filters out dust, particles, and other airborne elements. Aside from that, proper ventilation can optimize energy consumption. Using proper ventilation will result in lower utility bills. You should get an air duct cleaning service in your Denver, Colorado home as soon as possible to purify your home environment.

You can optimize your air quality at home when you check humidity levels. Adjust the levels where you can prevent health hazards, mold, and bacteria altogether. Ask your friendly installer to check this area for you if you don’t know about it.

All the small things contribute to making a home polluted. You can act now if you want to take care of your family. Avoid synthetic materials and choose chemical-free items. All these can help in making your home a healthy place to live.

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