Smell Ya Later: 5 Ways to Rid Your Home of Bad Odors

After a long, hard day, you find yourself in your home, ready to unwind, relax, and de-stress. You open the refrigerator, hoping for a beer or two, when you whiff an ungodly stench inside. After gagging from the smell, you get a bottle and sit on your sofa. However, you smell something bad you couldn’t even pinpoint where it was coming from. Way to ruin your night.

Bad stenches and foul odors can ruin your otherwise beautiful home. Sometimes, they’re just by-products of living or just a result of a plain disregard on your part. Other times, however, some small critter went inside your home and died. Regardless, here are some ideas how you can rid your home of that bad smell.

Use natural products

Chemical cleaning agents can sometimes be toxic and irritate your respiratory system. Instead, you can use natural products to remove bad odors inside your home. Baking soda has been hailed as an all-around solution to most home problems, including bad smells. Vinegar, despite its initial sour smell, can also remove scents in just a few cups. Lemon juice and fresh coffee grounds work, as well. For bathrooms, you can even light an unscented candle to eliminate any scents inside.

Take out the trash

Sometimes, it’s the bin that’s causing the bad smells in your home. Properly dispose the trash whenever possible. Afterwards, sprinkle some baking soda all over the trash can to eliminate any remaining bad odors. You can also use a deodorizing pack instead of baking soda to clean the can. Then, use some disinfectant spray to kill any bacteria inside. Vinegar solutions, lemon peels, and even vodka can be good disinfectant alternatives.

Clean your house regularly

It goes without saying that a dirty house will have a dirty smell. Keeping it clean, however, lets it retain its crisp, fresh smell. Change the sheets and curtains that need changing; clean or replace your carpets and rugs. Make sure that there are no dishes piled up in the sink. Keep your bathroom and toilet fresh.

Identify and remove any source of stench

woman holding dirty clothes

Sometimes, even with a spotless-looking home, a foul smell lingers. Try to look for the source of the stench. Maybe your dog peed on the carpet, or left poop somewhere not their litter box. Maybe it’s that strong-smelling curry you brought in. Or maybe there’s a dead rat inside the vents. Getting rid of the source will bring comfort to your nose. And while some can be removed or cleaned easily, dealing with your HVAC can be a hassle, so hire an air duct cleaning expert.

Have your home remediated

Molds and mildew not only cause bad smells inside the home, they can also be toxic to your health. They can cause undue respiratory problems and allergic reactions. While they can be simply killed with natural solutions, sometimes the root of the mold problem still remains. Instead of repeatedly fighting with nature, have your home remediated. Mold remediation professionals can get rid of the mold in your home depending on how bad the colony has spread.

Breathe freely inside your home without having to whiff any foul smell. Simply cleaning up and/or finding the source of that heretical stench can help your home smell fresh and clean. No need to mask any smell or use a scented candle.

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