Allergies at Home: How to Optimize Indoor Air Quality to Prevent Allergies

The likelihood of allergic reactions can be high and could happen anywhere, especially if a person has a respiratory condition. Believe it or not, elements from both indoors and outdoors like dust and pollen can cause severe allergic reactions even to the healthiest looking person. It's also best to know that allergens can affect both the respiratory system and the skin.

Allergic reactions are a scary condition to be in, but you can prevent or treat them right away. The first step is to optimize the air quality of your home.

Areas Where Allergens Thrive

  • Dust mites are often found on carpets and beddings. They also thrive on pieces of furniture if you don't clean your home regularly.
  • Pet urine, dander, and saliva are also culprits. Pet fur can collect in the corners of your home. This can stick to fabrics like carpets and items of clothing or even on the walls.
  • Mold is present when there’s a water leak. That said, it’s common to find mold near the sink, toilet, and shower area. You can also find it in the basement if it’s damp and humid. If you’ve got house plants, that might be a source too. Even produce can develop mold.
  • The scent of perfumes, candles, potpourri, and cleaning materials are possible sources of allergies. It depends on where you are allergic, but it's possible to react to just one or all of them.

How to Prevent Allergies

You can prevent allergies from taking over your life by getting rid of all the sources of allergens in your home. Allergens are the cause of allergic reactions, so you need to know the most common ones.

Consult a doctor if it’s your first time to develop allergies. They can help manage your condition. They can also help you determine where you are allergic to and give you a prescription to ease the symptoms of your condition. You need skin tests from them to know what causes your allergic reactions. You can also try tracking the causes if you don’t want to undergo tests. The important thing is you know as early as possible what you're allergic to.

Cleaning aircon

Take your epinephrine autoinjectors if you’re prone to anaphylaxis, as these can save your life during a severe allergy attack. It might also help if you wear a bracelet which tells that you’re a person with allergies. This can notify bystanders about your condition. They can help contact 911 if you can’t talk.

AAFA suggests improving the air quality in your home. Avoid using scented items and toxic cleaning materials. You should also check if there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at home. Shut the air pollution outside by installing proper ventilation. Call a dryer vent cleaning for your Minneapolis home if you want to improve your home's air quality.

Make sure you keep your house clean all the time. You should also consider using safe products. Remember that even outdoor pollution can come into your home. For this reason, you should always optimize your home air environment.

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