Can You Take Your Bed to Fairy Tale Levels of Comfort?

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel jealous of fairy tale characters. They have fairy godmothers that can whip out new gowns and rides to parties, frogs that turn into princes, and goblins who can spin straw into gold. But perhaps the most unrealistic is Goldilocks.

No, it’s not because she encounters bears that not only have a fully furnished house but can also cook porridge. It’s because she found a bed so comfortable, and “just right,” that she immediately fell deeply asleep. Surely that level of comfort only exists in fairy tales, right?

But you can achieve that kind of slumber, no magic or anthropomorphic bears required. It’s all just a matter of preparation.

Setting the Stage

The basic requirements for a magical slumber are a great bed frame and the right mattress. After all, the dwarves didn’t just put the sleeping Snow White in just any old coffin; they got her the best one. Your bed frame should be level, so that you don’t feel even slightly out of balanced. It should have at least one sturdy crossbar that you can lean on or use to support your pillows. You should also pick one that doesn’t squeak every time you turn or shift.

When you pick your mattress, be sure to lie down on it for 20 minutes. Since mattress firmness is subjective, this will allow you to gauge if it’s just the right firmness for you. Make sure that the materials are hypoallergenic to prevent an allergic reaction. Your mattress affects your comfort and your health, so choose wisely and carefully.

The Soft and Fluffy Bits

Your sheets need to be very breathable and soft. Sheets that allow your skin to breathe help keep you cool and relaxed. Soft sheets with high thread counts mean that you don’t feel itchy or scratchy because of rough fabrics. Natural materials tend to have both qualities. Bamboo sheets are available in queen-size, and can give you luxurious sleep at night.

Your sleeping position matters when you pick your pillows. If you sleep on your stomach, a soft pillow can accommodate your head and ease pressure on your neck. Medium pillows give people who sleep on their backs the best neck support, while firm pillows are better suited for those who turn sideways. You have a huge range of options in materials and fillings.

Watch the Lights

bedroom with dim lightsTo ensure quality sleep, make sure your bedroom does not have any harsh or powerful lights. Strong lights can interfere with your body’s sleep cycle and keep you up. If you must have lights near your bed, try bulbs with soft glows or a reading lamp. If you have a partner, install a light on either side with independent switches. That way, if one of you is still up reading, they can do so with their light while the other switches theirs off.

Now you can achieve slumber that you’ve only read about. A good night’s rest is now a luxury because of busy schedules, but it doesn’t take magic or fairies to make it happen. All you need is to prepare your bed the right way. And before you climb into your dreamland express, check under your mattress for any peas. Those will keep you up all night, especially if you’re actually a princess.

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