4 Ring Profiles Suitable for Men

In the days leading to the wedding (or engagement), many people spend their days admiring the bride-to-be’s ring — and with a good reason. The groom, on the other hand, could easily find himself making the final decision in a rush to get a ring. Male wedding bands may not have received as much attention as their counterparts, but they are equally as important.

With those wedding rings for men in Washington, they declare their undying love and willingness to live with the woman they love. If that is not a cause for celebration, then what is? Admittedly, many men have trouble finding the right ring, often not knowing where to start. Here are four ring profiles to look at:

The classic court

Often sold in jewelry shops as the court ring, this is ideal for traditional men. If you are that type of person, go for the classic court and give it a twist to suit your preference. Most commonly, these rings are D-shaped. They feature a round interior that often matches the outside, creating a ring that appears to be rounded. In most places, the classic court is the most common. Couples can use these rings for their matching sets.

The D-shaped ring

wedding ring

Even if the shape of this ring resembles the classic ring, the two are still different. In the latter, the outer profile must be rounded. A D-shaped ring, on the other hand, will have slim designs with smooth exteriors. If you love a little bit of tradition but would also want your preferences to shine in your ring, this profile is fitting. As an added benefit, this ring will serve you well if you have active hobbies. It will be safe because of its streamlined design.

The flat ring

If you are more of a contemporary person who prefers to do their own thing, the flat ring is perfect for you. It offers a flat design for both the inside and its exterior.

While the ring is not that practical for an active or hands-on kind of life, it is sleek and can help make a statement. Many people have two rings, and some choose to wear a flat ring to places where they need to make a fashion statement. Note that the flat interior will make the band fit perfectly around the finger.

The flat court

If your mantra in life is moderation, go for a flat court. This profile combines the best features of the flat ring and the classic court. It marries the flat exterior with a rounded interior, making it popular with many men. Contemporary designs provide comfort by streamlining and making the ring less bulky.

You can have the perfect ring profile, but if it is not the right size, it will feel uncomfortable. How then do you find your ring size? In this case, guessing will not work. Many online tools will take your finger diameter and assign a size from a chart. There are also jewelers who allow you to determine your finger size with their products. All you need is to choose an option that works for you.

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