Are You Mentally Ready for a Major Cosmetic Change?

What goes on during a cosmetic procedure—whether invasive or non-invasive—affects more than what’s on the outside. It affects what’s inside, too. In fact, it has such a huge effect on a person’s well-being and sense of self that most doctors and therapists require that patients undergo screening for the possible mental side effect of changing or enhancing their physical features.

Both men and women are becoming concerned over the way they look. They are ready to go under the knife, with most having apprehensions about invasive treatments, of course. The right aesthetic doctor will satisfy these concerns, but that doesn’t stop patients from feeling inadequate even after their features have already been enhanced. Why is it that people have a hard time accepting why they need cosmetic changes in the first place? Or more importantly, should people simply accept their physical imperfections?

Do I Need This Procedure?

More often than not, you will find yourself questioning if you need to go through with the treatment. This is a human reaction to something major that’s about to happen. Even patients who are going to undergo minor procedures will often feel the need to question themselves. This is your mind’s reaction to stress, nerves, and anxiety. The best way to deal with this is to weigh the pros and cons of the procedure.

Is It a Big Deal?

Not realizing that cosmetic procedures are a big deal is the first mistake you are going to make. When you belittle the procedure, you will end up failing to educate yourself about it, too. No one should rush into a cosmetic procedure, which is what will happen if you don’t think a minor nose lift or a double-eyelid surgery is kind of a big deal in your life.

Is It Normal to Feel Excited and Anxious at the Same Time?

In the weeks leading to the procedure, you will feel all types of emotions. Sometimes, you are excited about seeing the results. You made your doctor promise that you won’t look very different; you want to look relaxed, rejuvenated, and rested. Other times, however, you will feel anxious. You will start to question whether you did the right thing or not. Can you still back out of the appointment? Will you forever regret not going through with it?

Why Do I Feel Guilty?

Another emotion that patients have to battle against is the feeling of guilt. They feel guilty for not accepting their flaws and for finding ways around them. Sometimes, they will even blame their parents for not making them love themselves better. All of these are normal. Yes, even the blame game.

However, you must understand that cosmetic and aesthetic procedures are not the evil others make them out to be. They are okay. Sure, it is better if you can just accept your flaws, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your physical features.

How Will I Feel After the Procedure?

Immediately after the procedure, you will panic. You will start to question yourself. Why did you agree to this in the first place? This is a normal reaction after your body has been subjected to a treatment or procedure. Yes, it is also true for non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Remember that you are going to look at yourself differently. Those thighs that you’ve always hated will suddenly look different. It is normal to feel as if you’ve lost control of yourself.

changes after cosmetic procedure

Will It Ever Feel Normal?

If there’s one old saying that is true in the past as it is today, it’s that time heals all wounds—both physical and mental. It is normal to feel at first like you do not recognize yourself. However, as your wounds heal, so do any doubts that still linger in your mind.

Things will feel normal soon enough. Once the wounds have healed and you’re back to doing the things you love, that new and improved nose will feel more like a part of you than the one it replaced. Give it time. You will be surprised how you’ll get used to this new you.

Change always brings with it a kind of psychological and mental challenge. Patients who have to undergo even the most minimal cosmetic procedures have to be mentally prepared for them. The important thing is to assess your readiness for it. Your doctor, as well as your friends and family, should help you on this journey. Do not allow yourself to jump off a cliff without knowing exactly what’s waiting for you below.

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