Travel Destinations and Extreme Activities Every Daredevil Should Have in Their Bucket List

Before the pandemic, you probably thought nothing would ever stop you from trying out death-defying stunts and visiting dangerous places. But then corona took over the world, and no adventurous traveler has dared to challenge it. Aside from not wishing to break health protocols, you daredevils are of course concerned for your health and lives too, even if you tend to act otherwise.

Now that we finally have a vaccine, you’re surely itching to travel again and show off your venturesome antics. While waiting for borders to reopen and for social distancing to end, jot down these places and activities in your new bucket list:

Jaw-dropping Places to See

1. Wildplay’s Zipline Park (New York, U.S., and Ontario, Canada)

If you haven’t tried skydiving or free-falling yet, ziplining is the perfect way to warm yourself up. But Wildplay’s Zipline Park won’t give you an ordinary, underwhelming zipline ride. Instead, you’d be suspended 220 feet into the air, and glide at a speed of 70 mph along a 2,200-foot cable. You’d also get a generous view of Niagara falls, and its surrounding cliffs and forests.

2. U.S. Bank Tower Skyslide (Los Angeles, California)

Cities also have something for daredevils. The tallest building in the western U.S., The U.S. Bank Tower, offers a “Skyslide” experience, wherein you’d literally slide through a glass tubular enclosure. Though the building is 4,600 feet, the slide is only 45 feet long. But that shouldn’t disappoint you, because its starting point is on the topmost floor of the building. Now, imagine clocking off from work and using a slide instead of the elevator!

3. IMG Worlds of Adventure (Dubai, U.A.E.)

Who says only the outdoors please daredevils? If you think the same way, you’d change your mind when you see IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai. It is the world’s largest indoor theme park, packed with adrenaline-pumping rides such as the “Velociraptor Coaster”, “Dino Carousel”, and “Forbidden Territory”. If you’re a Marvel fan, you’d love your stay even more thanks to the Marvel-based amusement and rides.

4. Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk (Tiamen Mountain, China)

Ever imagined yourself biking on a steep cliff, on a path that’s only a little over a foot wide? That’s exactly what you’ll experience on the Coiling Dragon Cliff. Though safety rails have been installed on the edges of the path, it won’t stop your heart from dropping the moment you start traversing it. You’ll walk or cycle a distance of 300 feet, 4,600 feet above sea level.

5. Kalahari, Namibia

Kalahari, Namibia, is every seasoned hunters’ dream travel destination. If you’re interested to learn how to hunt, book a hunting trip here to expose yourself to the extremes right away. It may sound like an impulsive idea, but most daredevils thrive under pressure anyway. However, don’t go hunting unprepared. Unlike other extreme outdoor activities, hunting requires high-quality tools and gear that you’d only get from reputable hunting gear stores. That’s right, hunting sites aren’t a place where you can just come as you are.

Exhilarating Activities to Try

If you’re more interested in activities than majestic scenery, consider these 4 thrilling exploits:

1. Ride a Seabreacher

As a child, you’ve surely fantasized about exploring the seas in a submarine. You can make that dream come true now by riding a Seabreacher, a.k.a, your personal flying submarine. The watercraft is modeled like a whale, and able to submerge 6 feet deep into the sea. It also leaps out to the surface, exactly like a whale. The only downside to the Seabreacher is the price; you need to spare at least $100,000 to enjoy a ride.

2. Ski Ramp Bungee Jumping

Thanks to the Winter Olympics, ski ramp bungee jumping gained its much-deserved hype. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s basically skiing and bungee jumping combined. You’d jump from a 131-foot-high structure first, then land straight on a 100-foot slope, where you can start skiing immediately.

bungee jumping

3. Jetpacking

This one is a calmer activity, but still not for the fainthearted. A water-powered jetpack will propel you into the air, with the sea below you. You can steer your jetpack to be able to move in different directions. The maximum height you’ll reach is equivalent to a three-story building. Not as high as the other heights mentioned, but still pretty intense, considering that you’re in the middle of the deep seas.

4. Ice-sailing

Aside from posing as an ice-skating rink, frozen rivers and lakes can also accommodate daring sailors. If you want to learn how, then look for specially-designed sailboats with rollerblades. Roughly the same size as a surfboard, you’re meant to sit on it leaning back, as if you’re in the middle of doing crunches. Dress warmly, because the biting wind can reach speeds of 50 mph, potentially cutting your ears off.

We might be uncertain if 2021 can give us these wild experiences, so we can only hope for now. But the long wait can fuel more excitement, so don’t let your passion wear off, and stay daring.

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