French Holiday: How to be a Like a Local

A French holiday is one you’ll always remember. France is a beautiful country and you can experience a lot of firsts when you visit. Forego touristy places and take on the less-traveled paths. You can enjoy an authentic vacation this way. Feel the love in this wonderful place by researching before your trip. Be ready to take on a lot of walking tours because you’re bound to see a lot. Here’s how you can enjoy a French vacation:


Shop like a local when you’re going to a new place. It’s tempting to buy from international stores, but isn’t it wonderful to find local crafts? Most international stores have online shops and maybe a branch in your place. Local artisan shops, however, are havens for unique finds.

Eating Out

You can combine eating at a fancy restaurant and some local pubs. You should treat yourself to a wonderful dinner since you’re in a lovely place. You should also find some local bistros that offer inexpensive meals. A good vacation is mixing and matching so you’ll have a great experience.


When in Paris, you should visit Le Louvre. But, consider visiting smaller museums as well. Le Louvre is a massive place. You can make a priority list to visit the parts you like most. After that, you can also visit the smaller museums which have lesser crowds. These museums also have great displays which you’ll love. They are more intimate and you’ll have more time to enjoy the pieces.

French Fashion

Do you want to look French on your vacation? You should choose some simple attires. French fashion is all about neutral colors with a mix of some bold elements. You can stay as casual as possible to blend in with the locals.

Walking Tour

You need to make a call if you want to ride a taxi, or at least find a taxi stand, but you could decide to go on a walking tour instead. It’s easier to find hidden gems when you’re walking. You can also feel your vacation better when you’re on a walking tour. For instance, you can down the French pastries you ate by walking.


A French escapade isn’t complete when you don’t book a nice accommodation. Stay in a French chateau for your holiday trip and make the most of it by experiencing authentic French living. You’re more likely to feel like a local when you stay in a chateau.

The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the main attractions of France. It’s a significant structure in the area. You can choose to see it if you’re willing to get in long lines and pay a hefty amount. You could also try an alternative which is to see the whole Eiffel Tower from a different spot. The tickets for these alternatives are less inexpensive. They have great views of the tower and features shorter lines.

French Manners

The locals have a reputation for being quieter compared to other nations. This is not to say that they are rude. But, they’re more reserved. You can adapt to this culture by being polite when talking to them. You’ll see that they are also friendly to others.

Enjoy your French holiday by doing what the locals do. Eat, dress, and walk like a local. Immerse in their culture to learn more and shop from artisans if you can. You can have an authentic experience when you do things their way.

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