Working from Home: How to Keep Your Home-Based Team Intact

More startup businesses are transitioning into providing home-based options for their employees. However, there are a lot of disadvantages to keeping a business intact with workers in remote locations. Home-based positions may be attractive to a lot of potential hires, but it also gives a constant challenge when it comes to employee retention. If you want to keep your home-based employees working for you, you will need to know a few tips.

Set an Effective Way of Communication

Communication is essential in every business, whether home-based or office-based. However, business owners and managers will have a more difficult time communicating with employees in remote areas. Fortunately, modern technology offers companies with a lot of options for effective team communication. Office apps like Hubstaff and Slack can provide your home-based business with a virtual workspace where employees can receive project details. You can also create a webspace to give your home-based workers their assignments. It would be nearly impossible for employees to work outside the office in the past. However, the scope of work widens with the help of technological advancements.

Prioritize Local Hiring

The advantage of hiring home-based employees is that your company will reach a lot of potential candidates. However, you may experience breakdowns in communication and delays when working with foreign employees. You will have limited resources if you are only starting your business. To avoid dealing with international regulations for your business, you will need to prioritize local hirings. Employees from your locale will help make you adhere to your area’s laws for businesses. It will also be helpful for your team’s communication since you will likely be speaking a common language with your home-based workers. You can hire international employees when you are already comfortable with managing local home-based workers.

Schedule Occasional Meetings

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Employees need to know who they are working for, making personal meetings vital to a company. Business meetings also help keep employees in line with the company’s goals. However, it will be difficult to get your team in one place at the same time without an office. Fortunately, you can find a lot of hotels that offer meeting rooms in Seattle. You can schedule meetings with your home-based workers at least two or three times a year. It is also worth it for a company to host corporate events for home-based workers. Corporate events will keep your employees in remote areas invested in making occasional trips for meetings.

Provide Freedom and Ways for Improvement

People are turning to home-based jobs because the 9 to 5 office hours are not ideal for them. If you set a deadline similar to the office hours, you may lose your employees. If you seek to retain your home-based workers, you must provide them with a flexible schedule. You will need to be strict with deadlines for tasks, but the freedom will allow your employees to get creative. When you receive your employees’ tasks, you can offer them ways for improvement. An employee will likely stay with your company if they notice that their work is being valued. It will be challenging to provide remote workers with training and seminars online, but your insightful comments and helpful ideas will keep them at their best.

Businesses have to adapt to the changes in the ideal office workspace. With the number of people opting for home-based jobs increasing, you will need to find ways to keep up. You can hire home-based employees with ease, but retaining them for the good of your company will require patience and effort.

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