Why You Should Consider Using Custom Car Parts

A car works best when it has all of its parts in good condition. That is why it is important to choose the best parts possible. Most of the time, it is with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), but there are parts makers that offer products that should meet your needs but were not part of the original package.

Though OEM parts are a good deal, there is a certain advantage to buying custom parts. Here is why you should consider choosing them over OEM parts:

Lower Costs

One of the first things you’ll notice about buying customer parts is they tend to be cheaper than OEM parts. This is mostly because they don’t have to pay fees to the brand. It also doesn’t help that OEM parts are often part of a dealership deal so a car part seller will have to go through multiple middlemen to get the part.

Custom parts often come direct from the supplier and there is a major price discount from that. Custom or aftermarket parts often have a discount of 40 percent lower than OEM parts. That is a big advantage.

More Options

Another problem with buying OEM parts is that it greatly limits your potential options. For one, the OEM part needs to follow a particular set of specifications. They should be made in the right way and with the right materials. Though this ensures that you can plug it into your car with no problem, you probably won’t expect higher performance or additional features.

For example, a trusted manufacturer of custom springs in Oklahoma and other nearby areas would be able to provide you with springs that are tougher and better than your normal spring because they can use custom alloys. For car owners who want to do modifications to their car, custom parts are a great solution.

No Worries About Quality

Mechanic checking car engine

When it comes to quality, many custom parts can beat OEM parts handily. Many custom part makers look at the original and reverse engineer. When they figure it out, they then make their own version. The bonus to this is that they can iron out many of the weaknesses in the original.

They may also have specific goals for parts. For example, custom air intakes may focus on getting as much air in as possible, going beyond what OEM parts normally would.


When you order OEM parts at your local shop, you might hear that they don’t have it in stock or that they are not an official seller. This is not the type of problem you’d experience with custom-made parts. They will always be available and they are easier to find than official parts.

When you buy car parts, the normal choice is to go with the usual source of car parts. But there are times when custom parts are better options. It will be up to you to decide whether they are worth the additional cost. The guide above should allow you to decide if you can use custom parts in your car. Weigh your options carefully, so you can make the best choice.

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