Hardwood Flooring Brings Hygge into Your Home

Do you love the warmth of the floors or the soft glow of the fireplace, especially during winter? That fuzzy, cozy, happy feeling has a term. It’s hygge. Pronounced as “hooga,” it is a Scandinavian philosophy for their way of living. It describes the feeling when you live in the moment—and enjoying it.

The popularity of hygge had grown over the last few years. When you go to Google, the word already generates over 38 million results. The good thing is that you can integrate the same concept right in the comfort of your home. You begin with hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floors Spell Cozy

To start adopting the hygge lifestyle, call a hardwood flooring contractor in Salt Lake City. Of all the floors, it’s hardwood that denotes warmth.

Two reasons can explain this. One is thermal mass. Thermal mass refers to the characteristic of the building’s mass, which can refer to walls and floors, to hold or absorb heat.

This doesn’t mean that hardwood floors don’t turn cold. The winters in Utah can prove that. When you turn on the fireplace, though, that’s when the “magic” starts. The hardwood floors can help keep the warmth inside the space longer. Economically, they benefit you since they prevent significant temperature fluctuations.

Another is biophilia. Also referred to as BET, it is a belief that humans and nature always have a deep connection. It explains why you feel rested and happy when you climb a mountain or visit the ocean. It is also one of the reasons why forest bathing is a well-known restorative exercise in Japan.

In biophilia, it is only natural for humans to seek and maintain this connection. In design, it is through incorporating environmental products. These include hardwood floors. A study by the University of Tampere revealed that wood can have positive psychological impacts. It can reduce symptoms of stress such as high blood pressure. It improves your feeling of happiness and comfort.

A Word of Caution

big home with hardwood flooring and ocean view outside

Hardwoods are some of the warmest, coziest materials in the world. Not only that, they are durable and last for years. But they need proper installation and maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll encounter all sorts of problems.

For example, wood can warp, especially when exposed to high levels of moisture. They can develop gaps, which makes them less efficient in absorbing heat. They can also experience discoloration, flaking, and staining. They can accumulate mold, which can affect indoor air quality.

Termites are aplenty in Utah, and they dine on wood. Worse, the most common species are subterranean. They can dig tunnels from the ground, so you won’t notice their presence immediately.

By the time you do, these insects had already established a colony and an extensive network. It can be difficult for you to get rid of them. You can even have to redo your flooring.

There’s no “hygge” product, but you can capture the same feeling with the right materials. One of them is hardwood floors. To make sure they can keep your home warm, hire professionals for installation and maintenance.

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