Why Lush Green Lawns are the Key to Growing Your Rental Income

A green atmosphere around a commercial facility not only improves its aesthetic appeal, but also helps grow your income. People are keen to harness the benefits that come with living in such an environment.

With the help of a reliable landscape designer in Spokane, Washington, you can give your commercial property an edge on the market. Lush green sweeping lawns are becoming more of a rarity in the urban atmosphere. Vast swathes of well-manicured green lawns promote peace and tranquility in a rapidly growing concrete jungle.

In addition to providing a carpet like underfoot, these patches of greenery offer a host of mental benefits that leave tenants clamoring for a chance to come on board. Bespoken lawns are an asset in both residential and commercial rental properties and will help keep your occupancy levels high.

High return on investment

Research shows that spending some time in a green environment offers numerous health and mental benefits. Green spaces in urban setting facilitate relaxation, physical activity, and offer a refuge from city noises. Water spots, including fountains, help modulate temperatures as well.

However, mental benefits are the biggest win for people with access to green spaces. Research shows that such areas reduce health inequalities, complement the treatment of mental illnesses, and improve well-being. Further research indicates that spending some time in natural environments such as parks lead to a decline in physiological stress indicators and can remedy a mild depression.

In a world that’s increasingly aware of the need to safeguard the health and mental well-being, manicured grounds turn your property into a hotcake. They give you the rare ability to charge premium rates, achieve 100% occupancy level, and keep a long waiting list. That’s an incredible way to increase the returns on your investment.

green lawn

Lowered maintenance costs

Some property owners give lawns a wide berth, believing them to be high maintenance projects. While such concerns are well-merited, keeping the ground green and attractive shouldn’t cost you a small fortune every year if you do it right. The secret here is to create low maintenance lawns right off the bat.

Working with skilled experts lets you establish green gardens that require little in the way of maintenance. The key here is to match the turfgrass variety with your local climate and maintenance preferences. You can have your pick from numerous hardwearing perennial grasses to keep the lawns green all year long.

Humidity levels, rainfall, elevation, and the soils in the target are some of the crucial factors that influence the success of your lawn project. Matching the grass to their ideal growing conditions results in luxuriant growth. Grasses in the Fescue family — red, chewing, sheep, hard, and fine fescue — are excellent picks for low maintenance lawns.

Such grasses are slow-growing and drought-resistant, which means they need infrequent mowing, watering, and fertilization. They will keep your ground looking green and radiant all through the four seasons without burning a hole thought your wallet.

If you’re looking to give your commercial property a unique appeal, you can’t go wrong with establishing lush green lawns. To increase curb appeal further, it is best to know that lush green grounds offer health and mental benefits. You will have tenant making a beeline for a chance to living in such a posh property, which is great for your bottom line.

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