Which colour goes best with an oak countertop? Your design questions answered!

So, you’ve just bought your first home and are looking to makeover the kitchen.

After some consideration, you have decided to go with an oak finish to your new space, bringing a simple touch of class to what is considered the heart of the home.

You aren’t alone! Many people who are designing their kitchens are choosing woods over stone alternatives, helping to bring a timeless touch to their space.

But, as it is often the way when choosing an organic material in your interior design, you will inevitably have some questions about which colours work best with each wood type and whether or not you should just use a touch of your chosen wood, or go full out with cupboard doors, countertops and everything else!

In this article, some design ideas focusing around an oak worktop UK will be focused on, hopefully getting those creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

Colour scheme

Oak as wood is a somewhat golden brown colour, making it quite versatile in a colour scheme.

And while it is your choice how you want to colour coordinate your kitchen to your new oak worktop from your supplier, some classic colour schemes can add a striking effect to your kitchen.

Shades like black, white and even grey will add a more stylish look if you want to go in a contemporary direction. But if you want to add a touch of colour, olive or khaki green works well with this wood. Why not go all out and get some exposed brick to contrast the wood and give a very unique look to your kitchen?

Matte or shiny?

Your oak worktop near the UK can be polished or sanded to create a shiny or matte look; both have their advantages!

A shiny surface will inevitably have more oil on the surface, making it easier to clean, but too much oil can make it look fake and tacky. A matte surface will look striking contrasted with black paint but can appear ‘hazy’ in the wrong light. Not necessarily the look you want in a newly refurbished kitchen!



As mentioned earlier, the amount of oak you want in your kitchen is going to be up to you, but consider that if you are going to have oak flooring, oak cupboard doors and oak work surfaces, this is going to be more expensive.

However, if you want to have a complete oak kitchen and have the budget, brilliant! If you want to dampen it down though, you may be able to work just an oak work surface into the final design, with some extra bits of oak as chopping boards and other utensils. The sky’s the limit when designing a kitchen!

Traditional or modern

How much or how little oak is incorporated into the final piece will impact on whether it appears more modern or more traditional.

Inevitably, more oak will give a more rustic look, whereas less oak mixed with some colour will look more contemporary and modern. The choices are endless!

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