What Are the First Things that People Notice in Your Home?

Throughout most of our lives, making a good first impression will usually have a ground-breaking impact on a lot of aspects of our lives. Just like when we’re going on that first date, we must make an excellent first impression to our guests and visitors who might stay at our home. When it comes to the interior and exterior design of our homes, almost every minute detail of our house will reverberate with our guests.

Function versus Aesthetics

When we’re traveling and moving to different countries, the first thing that we notice in buildings are the exterior and interior designs. Most of the time, the architecture of most of these buildings are also designed with function in mind.

While aesthetics and design can leave a lasting impression, it’s also worth noting that it shouldn’t compromise the function of different parts of the building. A home, mansion, or hotel can still make an excellent lasting impression without having to sacrifice function. Engineers and architects are taught that function plays a bigger role than aesthetics alone.

With that out of the way, making a good first impression should still be a priority when you want to impress guests.

Since our homes are an extension of our identity, it’s only appropriate that we ensure that every aspect of our house is in good condition. Of course, the first things that are noticed by our guests should be the priority.

What Should You Focus On?


Firstly, one of the most integral parts of your home is the bathroom since this is where guests can feel “at home.” when nature starts calling. Thus, it’s only essential that you have the right lighting, ventilation, and supplies that can maximize comfort for your guests.

If you’re looking for supplies for your bathroom, there are wholesale bathroom supplies that are available in different parts of the country.


Your home’s kitchen will always be the backbone of your home. That is a great place to converge in if people are preparing food for individuals. Your kitchen must be organized. Your counters should be free from any form of stains and food crumbs while dishes should already be cleaned.


Your home’s flooring will have an excellent first impression on your home’s overall atmosphere. Want to have a classier interior? Hardwood and marble tiles are a great way of having a clean and sleek flooring. Do you want to insulate your home and make it more cozy than usual? Carpets and rugs are a great way of making your home cozier.

living room interior

Exterior Design

Your home’s exterior design will the first thing that most people will see, not just for guests, but also for passers-by. When you’re making a good impression on your home, your home’s exterior design is one of the most important parts that individuals should think about.

The moment someone pulls up to your home, they’ll already have an impression based on your windows, your plants, and how you landscape your property. As such, it’s only essential that you consider the following aspects:


Your windows and the sidings of your home should be kept in a clean condition. Power washers are advised in removing stains and dirt during summer, spring, and winter.


Your porch is another part of your home that’s mostly in view of other areas. You’ll need to add several potted plants and lights to make it livelier.

External Structures

Gazebos, patios, and outdoor furniture can make your home more inclusive and can also serve as a place where people can meet without having to go inside your home.

Front Door

Of course, people will be going in and out through the front door. You might need to apply a fresh coat of paint on it.


Your garden is usually what will catch a lot of people’s attention. Trees shouldn’t be too close to your roof since debris can accumulate on your roof and gutters. Your bushes should be pruned. Fertilizers are also the right way of keeping your plants livelier. Flowering plants are also a great way of getting a splash of color into your gardens.

Overall, giving a good first impression to your guests means decluttering and making necessary adjustments. Keeping things clean and in good condition will usually work well. You don’t necessarily need to make significant changes, such as replacing your flooring or completely removing your roof and replacing materials. A few simple re-arrangements here and there can already change the whole vibe of your home.

If you’re not sure about what you have to do, you can always ask help from a home remodeler and interior designer. Professional supervision can help expedite the process while also increasing the quality of your home’s design.

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