Unsatisfied with Your Old Mural? Here Are Some Fresh Insights

Potentially, you can spend about two-thirds of your day in your room or your house—assuming you do not go out much. Making every hour spent at home counts means that you need to have a very liveable environment. The lighting is perfect. The air that circulates is clean. The view outside is pleasurable. And the wallpaper mural shows your personality.

Well, the last one is a bit too much, but it must be the most important if you want a classy-looking or trendy mural. But how do you do it if your old mural is no longer inspiring you?

Choosing the Right Color

Color is the single most important aspect of reinvigorating walls. How would you play around accents and shades to match the natural lighting of your place? How would the wall respond to the colors that you put? Will the color transcend and match your floor and your ceiling? Color can also dominate the design. So do not worry about the styles that you will create. Think about the color first. The color and design will go together, depending on your taste and what makes your room look chic or vibrant.

Experimenting with Your Choices

After color, you follow through with the design. Of course, you will have a setlist of choices in your design, all of which are acceptable. Murals are highly flexible. Feed your senses first. Make the first stroke, and brushes come with your natural feel if you are painting. Otherwise, pick the right designs if you are using wallpaper. Whatever you choose to do, the design must be an extension of your natural relationship with what you see and appreciate.

artist holding a paintbrush

Trying Wallpaper

As mentioned above, wallpaper can come in many designs. The good thing is that it is very easy to install. Usually, you make a mural if you have some flair in painting or if you feel like painting. With wallpaper, convenience rules. You can try removable wallpaper. It is cheap, reusable, and really easy to remove. Designing your wall using wallpaper will also be not as tiring and messy as a mural painting project.

Sticking to Your Goal

Your goal is to allow your personality to enliven the wall and make it breathe. This should be an overarching objective that goes unchallenged the whole project. Apart from that, you have to consider that your design must adapt well to your environment. You might want your personality to embody your abode. But if the resulting design has made your place smaller or darker, you will never enjoy living in it.

Making your place fresher and livelier may require a ton of ideas and hours of preparation. But it should never contribute to a newer setback. We often lose track in the middle of our project, especially if we are making a mural. If in case you are afraid of getting stuck in the middle, you’d better choose wallpaper as it is easier to prepare and to manage, although organization skills warrant a swiftly done wallpaper mural project.

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