The Benefits of Driving a Smaller Car in Today’s Roads

With each passing day, more and more people are ending up on the road with their own cars. This may be because more people now have the purchasing power to do so. Or, more car dealerships may be offering lower financing rates. There are a lot of reasons that can cause such a surge in vehicle rates on the road.

But while the number of vehicles piles up on the road, the more clear traffic becomes. And then all of a sudden, those who use cars find it more of a pain than taking local transport. It just does not seem economical to drive a car, much less even own one. You have to pay for gas, parking, maintenance, and who knows what else.

Now, you may be thinking about selling your car and then, sticking to local transport, using your bike, or just walking. Sure, those are great options for getting around town. But, there are still some pros to owning a car. To be more specific, there are some pros to owning and driving a smaller car.

Small, Nimble, and Cheaper

When you own and drive a smaller car, you may not have the luxury of space, but you are nimbler and lighter compared to others. You can make quick turns and maybe even accelerate faster. Just do not be surprised when the larger cars start to gain on you after a few seconds.

Apart from that, owning a small car means you have fewer expenses to deal with. The smaller displacement engine means it is less of a hassle to maintain and repair. And of course, the price tag itself is considerably cheaper compared to something like an SUV.

The small car has its perks and its cons. But now, the question is whether you should stick to your large car or buy a smaller one from the local Holden dealers in NZ instead?

The Road and Driving Dilemma

SUV car on the roadSure, your SUV sure has the space to house plenty of passengers. It may even still have some extra space for cargo, too. But if the car can handle all of that, then there must be a trade-off, right?

Larger cars often have larger engines. This is so they can operate correctly as specified by the designer and engineer. Without the power it needs, you are essentially driving a heavy and expensive junk of metal.

The power is there should you need it. But the trade-off means that you need to throw more money around. You need to buy more gas to help fuel your ride. You need to pay more to service the larger engine and its parts. You may even have a hard time looking for a parking spot if the car will not fit.

With a smaller car, you will not be experiencing such problems. As long as you are okay with minimal space and slower speeds, then a smaller car like a sedan or hatchback is for you. You might be able to save a little bit more for the purchase.

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