Strategies to Maintain Your Home’s Privacy

Even if you’ve got a good relationship with your neighbors, you don’t want them peeking into your home and watching your every move. Thankfully, most homes are already designed to be incredibly safe and secure. But there’s no harm in wanting to go the extra mile to maintaining peace and quiet in your property. Protect yourself from prying eyes with these simple strategies to maintain your home’s privacy.

Overhaul your windows

Your windows give you a great view of the outside, but it also gives nosy snoops an opportunity to peek inside your home. You can improve your windows’ security by applying security window film or frosting and glazing them to make it much more difficult for anyone to peer into them. This also allows you to keep them open during the daytime if you like letting sunlight into your home, while still maintaining your privacy.

Study your property

Walk around your property and look at it from the perspective of someone on the outside looking in. This helps you identify any weak points so you can immediately address them.

Plant shrubs and trees

Planting shrubs and trees around your house will not only add curb appeal to your property, they also act as an effective security measure. When they grow tall enough, they can restrict people’s view from the outside and act as barriers to intimidate potential trespassers from entering your home.

home fence

Install security fences

Security can add a layer of privacy to your home, but only if you live in a one-story home. It, unfortunately, won’t offer much protection if you have a second-story home, unless you build a very tall fence, but local building regulations might not allow you to do that. Make sure the fence you choose has very little space between each of its boards and offers very little visibility into your property. You can also invest in an electric fence or one that’s spiked at the top to keep would-be intruders out.

Set up a security system

Investing in a good security system can either deter or catch intruders red-handed. You don’t need to drop an exorbitant amount of money for a reliable system, all you need is a basic set-up that includes a security camera, motion lights, and an alarm system to keep you protected.

Install blinds and shutters

The best way to maintain your privacy is to install blinds and shutters. This will prevent people from seeing what’s inside your home, while also protecting your furniture and artwork from sun damage. It’s also a great way to spruce up the interiors of your home since there are plenty of patterns, materials, and colors to choose from. Just be sure to choose one that isn’t too sheer.

Put up a trellis

If you don’t have the room to put up fences or plant shrubs and trees on your property, putting up a trellis is the next best security option. They’re also a beautiful addition to a small garden, especially when you plant a climbing plant like wisteria or ivy underneath it so it can provide extra privacy.

Ward off any peeping toms and prying eyes from seeing into your living space with these practical and easy strategies for maintaining your home’s privacy.

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