Stewardship Lessons to Teach Your Kids Today

What parent does not dream of having a successful child? All parents want nothing but the best for their children. But if you want your children to grow up to become amazing adults, you need to start mentoring them right.

4 Areas to Mentor Your Child In

  1. Hygiene and Grooming

If you’re a parent, you probably already know the struggle of always telling your kids to clean themselves and their rooms up.

Let’s face it, hygiene is not one of their strengths. If you have a pre-teen at home, especially boys, the struggle is twice as hard, since boys don’t pretty much care about themselves and their appearance. What’s important to them at this stage is video games, friends, and video games.

Mentoring your child in the area of hygiene and grooming does not in any way produce vain adults. It goes beyond teaching them which moisturizing astringent to pick or what brand of clothes and shoes to buy.

While there’s nothing wrong with these things, you don’t want to put too much value on appearances and cosmetics. You just need to learn to teach them the value of cleanliness and how it affects their surroundings.

Once they understand the whys, the hows will follow.

  1. Time and Money Management

Another important aspect of life that we need to teach young people is the proper time and money management.

We all know how connected these two are especially at work. Time and money are relative. The more you spend time working, the more money you make. And the more money you want to keep, the more you need to make time making it.

It’s a vicious cycle.

And because of this, we need to teach our children how to look at both time and money as a means to make life and relationships better. They are just tools and means to an end, not the driving force in life.

We need to show them that people and relationships are more valuable than profit and savings. What good will it do you if you know which moisture control service or solar panel installation service can save your business the most if you can’t get along with the people around you?

Teach them how to manage their time well. Help them make a schedule that allows them to finish schoolwork, do their chores and other responsibilities, have time for recreation, and still spend quality time with family.

Similarly, when it comes to money, you need to teach them the value of saving and preparing for the future. Again, the goal is not to make them consumed by making money but how managing it well will serve them and their priorities in the future.

  1. Relationships

parents and childrenOne of the trickiest aspects of life is our relationships with those around us. We’re all quite aware of how each relationship that we have is different from the others. Even parents with at least two kids know that their relationships with all their kids are different. They may love them equally but relate to them differently.

That being said, teaching children how to value people over everything else will help them to become more sensitive and empathic individuals. If we show them how compassion and love for others can help impact lives and affect a positive change in society, if we constantly model selflessness and generosity, our children will veer away from keeping money and possessions as the primary treasures in life and replace it with people and meaningful relationships.

  1. Social Responsibility

As mentioned above, we need to teach our children how to give importance to people more than possessions. But we also should teach them to take better care of the world around them.

Stewardship is the management of resources. If we’re teaching our kids to be faithful and good stewards, we need to tell them how to faithfully manage and take care of the resources around them, such as the environment and wildlife. This also includes opportunities to serve the community and society.

Parents are also stewards of their children. We only have a certain window of opportunity to raise them right. As stewards, we need to take advantage of that window, so they can grow up to be amazing individuals that are set-up to make a positive impact in the world.

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