Spring Cleaning: How to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free All Year

Spring is right around the corner. Once again, many people across the country have to go through the stuff they have accumulated throughout the past year and declutter things that they no longer want and need. However, it is possible to keep one’s home clutter-free all the time. Here are some tips that may help you maintain a clean and orderly life:

Proper Organization

The minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone. Many people will not be able to let go of the stuff they have collected over the years for the sake of having a clutter-free home.

If you have things you are not willing to part with, make sure you have ample storage space. Installing cabinets inside your home, for example, will help you get books or toys out of the way. You can place bigger items outside your home. There are services that will construct storage buildings in Salt Lake City and across Utah based on your specific needs.

For the little items, place bowls or shelf strategically in your home in which you and members of your family can drop them off. For example, put hooks somewhere near the door so that you will know where to leave your keys when you come home and where to find it the next morning as you head out for work or for chores.

Having storage spaces for specific products will encourage you to put away stuff in their proper places after use and keep your home free of clutter.

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Establish Clutter Zones

A clutter-free home all year round is not possible, especially if you have kids. No one is perfect. Constantly putting things away in its proper storage only to pull it back out when it is needed can be tiring.

Instead of forcing everyone to declutter every day, create areas in your house where you can dump miscellaneous items. For example, you probably already have a junk drawer where pens, tape, scissors, or electric cords are being kept. These items do not have a space of their own, but they are constantly used around the house. Some have a specific chair inside their room where they can leave clothes that have already been worn but are not ready to be thrown into the laundry basket yet. While it will not be an attractive solution, it keeps your belongings from ending up on the floor or on tables.

One In, One Out Rule

You are not allowed to bring in a new item into your home unless you are willing to part with something that you already have. A huge part of decluttering is letting go of stuff that you no longer use nor need in your life. If you want to reduce your clutter, you have to make yourself throw or donate old stuff before you are allowed to buy a new product.

For example, before you buy another shirt, one has to go. You can sell it or give it away to a charity shop to make space for your recent purchase.

Buy Only What You Need

However, if you truly want to live in a home where there is minimal to no clutter throughout the year, you must change your habits and your mindset. Be mindful of your purchases. Buy only the stuff you really need.

Nobody’s home is perfect. Even the homes you see in magazines do not look picture-perfect all the time. Keeping a clutter-free home is an ongoing effort that you and members of your family should continue working on.

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