The Best Gifts for Every Stage of Your Romantic Relationship

Figuring out what gifts to give your loved one is tough as it is, but it gets even tougher when you factor in your relationship status. Overspending early on in your relationship looks too eager, while small gifts for your partner when you’re a few years into your relationship might look too frivolous. It’s a complicated balancing act. Here’s a useful gift guide that might help you decide on the ideal present for your special someone:

Casually dating

A few weeks into a casual relationship means that you probably only have a rough idea of who your partner really is. The ideal gift to give at this point is something thoughtful but inexpensive. Since you aren’t as acquainted with them as you would like to be, it will be difficult to give them something customized to their preferences and personality. Instead, you’ll want to give them something useful and safe, but not impersonal.

Food is always a safe bet for this stage of the relationship. If you have a knack for baking, you might want to bake them some sweet treats like brownies or cookies. Otherwise, you can buy them a box of goodies to snack on. These are both inexpensive yet effective solutions that don’t put so much pressure on your partner to reciprocate the offering.


At this stage, you’ve already defined your relationship and things are getting a little serious. You’re both deeply in love but still getting used to the labels you’ve assigned for each other. Since you’ve gotten to know each other a little more, you’re able to personalize your gift a little with the knowledge that you’ve gathered from spending time with your partner.

The ideal gift to give at this point in your relationship is something a little more personal, and perhaps something that affirms the stability of your relationship at this point in time. A great gift for this stage would be an Instax camera. These nifty devices are great for capturing memories and creating physical mementos of your time together.

Serious commitment

A serious commitment between you and your partner means you’ve probably been together for more than a few years now and you’re both on the same page with regards to where the relationship is headed. You’re most likely living together already, both ready to take the next step, and comfortable enough in your relationship to openly display your devotion and commitment to each other.

To pledge your love to your partner, a rose gold promise ring is the perfect gift for them. This is a meaningful symbol of the promises you’ve made to each other thus far, and the promises you’ll continue to keep as your relationship progresses.


barn wedding reception

Even if you’ve gotten tons of gifts off your registry after the wedding, it’s still worth it to show your partner a little extra love by giving them a gift when you’re newly married. This is the best time to give them something more personalized, like custom-made bathrooms with your partner’s new initials on them or a piece of artwork inspired by your honeymoon.

Giving your loved one a present is a great way to show them that you love them. Make sure you present them with a gift that’s appropriate for whatever stage your relationship is at.

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