Practical Ways to a Healthier Back

The back is vital because it supports the body. Sometimes, people do not pay much attention to and care for their backs. Several factors that can cause back pain are repetitive motions, inactivity, or too much force. When the pain becomes too severe, a reputable neurologist in Tulsa can apply non-invasive therapy to relieve the discomfort. Instead of relying on medications alone, an expert can pinpoint the underlying cause of the pain. With this, the condition will be managed better. What are practical ways to love your back better?

Move Those Muscles

Muscles need to move. If they are not accustomed to movement, they will feel the strain and pressure even during simple tasks. The best way to strengthen and stretch those back muscles is through exercise. Strength-training sets are the best kind that will help your back be at its best. You can do this even twice a week. Walking and swimming are also simple but effective ways to make your back more flexible.

Love Your Feet

Choosing the right footwear is also a practical way to treat your back better. Ill-fitting shoes or those with high heels put a strain on your back. Comfortable and low-heeled shoes are a friend for your back. They reduce the chances of back pain, especially when you are subjected to long periods of standing. Reserve those high heels for special occasions. Remember to rest your feet, too, when in those kinds of footwear.

No Slouching

Proper posture helps maintain the natural curve of the spine. Slouching over your computer or phone puts stress on your back. If you are working long hours sitting down, choose a good and comfortable chair. Have one that will not put a strain on your lower back. It is also good to have several short breaks to stretch your muscles. Stand up and move about.

Watch What You Eat


Good nutrition also helps with keeping a healthy back. Have proportionate amounts of food rich in calcium and vitamin D. Milk, yogurt, and leafy green vegetables are rich in calcium. Meanwhile, you can get vitamin D from cheese, fatty fish, or egg yolks. Being mindful of what you eat will also reduce the chances of being overweight. Excess weight hurts your back, too.

Sleep Position Matters

Sleeping on your back will hurt your spine. If you are accustomed to this position, make sure to elevate your legs. Place a pillow under your knees. If you sleep on your stomach, a pillow under your lower abdomen also helps. The best sleeping position that is gentle on your back is to sleep sideways. Good quality mattresses and pillows will also aid in keeping a healthy back. They should neither be too soft nor too firm.

Less Stress

Stress affects all aspects. There is a strain on one’s mind and emotions. Also, stress affects a person’s physical state. When one is in constant stress, muscles tense up a lot. This tension can lead to back pain. There are many ways to reduce stress. Engage in one or a couple of these activities. Eliminating stress is good for your overall health.

Cigarettes Out

Smoking poses many health problems. One of them is chronic back pain. When nicotine narrows blood vessels, the flow of blood and oxygen is affected even to your back. When these two components are in low supply, your back is more susceptible to injury. Thus, this is another good reason to put that cigarette out.

Caring for your back is essential. A healthy back will make you more mobile. An unhealthy one impedes natural movement and lifestyles.

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