What You Need to Eat When Visiting Singapore

When people think of Singapore, their thoughts immediately go to the country’s infrastructure and cleanliness policies that make it unique. But just like any other country, Singapore has its own special dishes to offer. If you’re planning a trip to Singapore soon, here are the foods that you shouldn’t miss out on:

Fried chicken

Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines. As a result, there are a lot of foods that you’ll probably see in many other countries. Take fried chicken, for example. Singaporeans know a good fried chicken place when they see one, and that doesn’t mean traditional fried chicken only; there’s also Korean-style fried chicken dish , Japanese karaage, and the classic American crispy fried chicken. So, if you want to try different styles of fried chicken in a single country, Singapore has it all.


If you’ve never heard of laksa before, it’s a type of spicy noodle soup usually made with rice noodles and served with coconut milk or fresh curry. It’s a combination of Malay and Chinese flavors and is definitely a must-try for first-time Singapore tourists.

A vital tip for tourists: If you want to eat the best laksa in the area, go where the locals eat.

Hokkien Mee

Hokkien mee is a popular Southeast Asian dish that is also served in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. In Singapore, Hokkien mee is typically served at hawker stands. For a relatively low price, you can buy a healthy serving of this dish, which is composed of egg noodles, white rice noodles, egg, seafood, bean sprouts, and a tasty gravy mixture that varies in flavor, depending on the store.

Chicken and rice

chicken and rice

Hainanese-influenced chicken rice is one of the most popular dishes in Singapore. Chicken rice is a simple combination of boiled chicken and rice with flavorings such as ginger, salt, garlic, and broth. It’s also served with soy sauce, ginger oil, and chili sauce for dipping. It’s a very simple and humble dish, but it packs all the delicious flavors of chicken and seasonings into one excellent dish.

Oyster omelet

You will see variants of the oyster omelet all over Southeast Asia, but if you’re visiting Singapore, there’s no better time to try out this famous dish. Your typical oyster omelet is composed of eggs, fried potato starch batter, bean sprouts, and of course, fresh oysters. It’s a rich and delicious meal, but you wouldn’t want to eat it every day because of the high cholesterol content.

Roasted meat or duck

There is a wide variety of Cantonese-style roasted meats in Singapore. Various meats such as pork, beef, and duck are marinated in traditional seasonings and then roasted on a spit until it’s juicy, smoky, and golden. You can eat roasted meat on its own to enjoy the full flavor, but it’s also recommended to eat with rice or other sides.

Are you visiting Singapore anytime soon? If so, these foods should be on your top ten dishes to try while you’re in the country.

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