Picking Presents for Everyone Made Easier with a Gift List

Holidays are few and far between, and whether it’s St. George’s Day, Shrove Tuesday, Poppy Day, Boxing Day, or New Year’s Day, there’s something to celebrate. For occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day, and celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries,  you’ll likely need to give gifts to your family, friends, and significant other.

But if you’re someone who finds it hard to think of what gift to give every time an occasion warrants it, then try to make things easier for yourself by creating a list of the gifts you want to give every person special to you at the start of every year. Here are some gift suggestions to help you with your list.

Gifts for your family

Gifts for family should be easy, as you should be familiar with the things they like to do for fun. For your mum and dad, you can buy them an elegant champagne gift set to mark their wedding anniversary. Depending on her tastes, a rose gold necklace or tasteful sweater can be a thoughtful gift to give to your sister for her birthday. And your brother will probably stop pestering you to play with him if you get him a handheld gaming console like the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation Vita. For buying clothes. It’s a good idea to either take the measurements of their favorite clothes or borrow a piece of clothing to compare sizes at the store. Online stores have measurements that will hlep you decide if it will be a good fit.

For your friends

shopping with a friend

As they’re also a wonderful part of your life, you also give gifts to your friends on Christmas, their birthdays, and occasions they reach milestones in their lives. If your best friend since childhood recently got engaged, you can give her something simple, such as a wedding planning guidebook or organizer, just to celebrate the momentous event in her life. For your wonderful next-door neighbours who are moving to another city, get them some trinkets like fridge magnets or key chains that would remind them of their time in the city they’re leaving behind. At work, you can celebrate a colleague’s promotion by giving a mug with a keep-up-the-good-work message or personal stationery bearing your office friend’s new position.

For your significant other

This one is important, as getting the proper gift can potentially be a relationship minefield.  On his or her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or almost all other occasions, you give your significant other something special to show your love. You can, for one, get an item for your special someone’s hobby as a birthday gift. A book lover, for instance, would surely appreciate a newly released book of a favourite author. A sports enthusiast may appreciate a sports watch or athletic accessory. For Christmas, you can also give items—like a new wallet or purse—that your significant other may need. On Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, buy couple shirts, his and hers tumblers, or any matching items, so you can show and celebrate your love together.

Make Things Easier for You

Thinking of what to give someone you love on special occasions can be quite difficult. But you can always make things easier for you by coming up with a list of the gifts you can give to your family, friends, and significant other at the very beginning of each year, saving you the time and stress of having to come up with something closer to the date of the occasion.

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