Palette Power: Four Color Ideas for Your Home Exterior

The first thing that people notice when they look at a house is its color. That’s why it’s not surprising that most homeowners get really meticulous when picking hues for their exterior. You want nothing short of perfect when it comes to this design aspect.

The dilemma, however, is that the choice isn’t too easy, considering the hundreds of options before you. All the same, it’s possible to get the “perfect” exterior color without losing your mind. Here are some ideas that can make this task a little less overwhelming.

Your neighborhood’s geography

The location of your house offers hints as to which hues are most appealing. If you’re living near the beach or the lake, blues and greens are good choices, as they tie into the atmosphere of the neighborhood. If you’re in the mountains, browns and other earth colors are your best bet. If your location is in the tropics, bright, cheery colors, like reds, oranges, and yellows are options you can very well consider.

Should you want to introduce colors that aren’t exactly a match to your location’s geography, put them as accents, say, in window frames or shutters. Otherwise, your house will stick out odd from the strip of homes. If you’re thinking about complete window replacement, Utah-based designers recommend exploring unique shapes for better curb appeal.

Your home’s architecture

Colors give life to not only curb appeal but also the particular style of the house. In fact, they add character and detail to its architecture. For instance, in contemporary homes, neutral colors such as black, white, and gray are the go-to choices. They help define the sharp edges and straight lines of the house’s exterior better.

Meanwhile, Victorian-era houses reflect deep shades of red and green, bordering to maroon and mossy, forest green in emphasizing roofs, lattice windows, eyebrow dormers, and the like. As a principle then, aside from strolling around the neighborhood and considering its unique geography, don’t forget to tap on to your house’s individual style, too. You’ll get plenty of ideas from that alone.

modern luxury livinig room with fireplace and big windows

The natural surroundings

Plants, shrubs, and other ornaments around your home affect the hues in house’s exterior, precisely because landscaping itself has colors of its own. What you want is for both to work together and offer a harmonious look.

The principle is to tone down the exterior color scheme if you choose to plant brightly colored flowers or vice versa. Should you have trouble selecting colors for your landscaping, take pictures of your exterior and show them to your local nursery. Garden experts will surely have a few suggestions that will match your outdoor home well.

The classic combos

You want a home exterior that you can enjoy for years. So, it’s only fitting that you draw inspiration from timeless color schemes. You can go for the classic black and white. Just remember introducing different textures to your canvas, so it doesn’t look flat. Use wood, metal, and stone to lend various kinds of tactile quality to the space.

Another timeless palette you can use is gray. It’s neutral, like black and white, and therefore, stylish regardless of the times and the trends. Remember to throw in some pops of color, though, to add visual interest. Put the accents on the window frames, shutters, or trim.

Colors play a big role in the aesthetic appeal of your house’s exterior. It also makes for neighbors’ first impressions. Impress them with the perfect choice of hues by drawing inspiration from these awesome ideas.

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