Questions About Oral Implant Placement Explored

There has always been an emphasis in dental care on refusing restoration and cosmetics.

For the majority of people who have lost a single tooth or many teeth in a row, previous treatments would have included the fitting of bridges that were supported by nearby healthy teeth or partial dentures. This provided a solution to the cosmetic element of losing teeth, but concerning full restoration, a lot of strength was lost, even with friction-based prosthetics and denture glue.

There has been an upsurge in requests for dental implants Nottingham across the UK, because they offer a solution to cosmetic problems caused by the loss of teeth but also restore the strength of the bite, allowing patients to bite into and chew food that they may have previously excluded from their diet.

The process of fitting oral implants may seem mysterious to those who have only just come across it and this article will aim to answer queries relating to the placement and fusing of oral implants.

How Long after extraction can the implant be placed?

If you have had a dental extraction and are looking to have it replaced with an oral implant, you will typically have to wait between two to three months. This will allow enough time for your gums to heal, and if you have suffered from a dental infection leading to the extraction or after the extraction, this period may be longer.

dentist implanting a tooth

Will the placement be uncomfortable?

The placement of oral implants should not be uncomfortable, and your dental team will offer you local anaesthesia to prevent any potential discomfort. Relating to the aftercare of oral implants, when you are at home, you will need to take pain relief which should be limited to paracetamol.

How long will it take to have all of my implants fitted?

If you are having multiple oral implants fitted, then your dental team may decide to spread the fitting over multiple appointments to allow your gums to heal and prevent you from spending hours in the chair. The fitting of a single implant can take between one to two hours, so if you are having multiple implants fitted, this can be an extensive period.

Will it take longer if I have had a bone graft?

If you have had a bone graft to support your oral implants then the time required for the implants to fuse should not be any longer than it would in somebody who has not had a bone graft. You will have to allow extra time at the beginning of the procedure for the bone graft to fuse to the jaw to create a stable anchorage point for the implant.

How long will it be until my crown/bridge/dentures are fitted?

Assuming that the fitting goes well and that there are no complications, you will have to wait between 4 to 12 months for your implants to fuse and for your crown, bridge or dentures to be fitted. If after 12 months, it is found that the implant has not fused via an x-ray, it will need to be removed.

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