Moving Soon? How to Organize and Pack Your Belongings the Neat Way

Everybody moves to a new residence at least once in their lives. If you have moved many times, you know that the experience wasn’t fun, with all the mess and stress they had caused you. Somehow, no matter how small your current and new place is, you just have a lot of stuff.

For some, packing can be the most dreadful part of moving. While going through all your belongings, you’d rediscover many things you thought you’ve lost, which will add up to the stuff you’re taking, if you plan on keeping them.

To reduce the stress and anxiety caused by dealing with too much clutter, you can rent a storage space in Marietta, Georgia or in any other place near your residence. Having clutter out of sight can help you be in the right mindset before moving.

Meanwhile, here are six smart packing tips to keep everything as neat and organized as possible:

1. Declutter

As we start packing, we’d realize how much things we no longer need. Separate the ones you’re keeping to the ones you’re discarding. Do this as early as possible, because if you have a ton of belongings, this procedure can take time.

Decluttering can also ease stress. With too much mess in our homes, our senses can be overstimulated, making us easily distracted and restless. And because we can’t think straight, we’d most likely postpone our packing. Avoid this dilemma and start de-cluttering as soon as you can, with the help of your family or friends preferably, so that you won’t have to carry the burden alone.

2. Stock Up on Packing Supplies

Before you begin packing, make sure you have enough supplies of box cutters, packing tapes, permanent markers, garbage bags, etc. When you can seal and label your boxes right away, your packing process will be a lot faster and less stressful.

3. Label Your Boxes

Labeling your boxes will make unpacking easier, but avoid putting overly-specific labels. This will keep your valuables safer, especially if you’re hiring movers and you’re worried about security. Instead, use smaller boxes for valuables such as jewelry so you can identify them easily. Don’t load them in the moving truck, too; it would better to keep them close, so just put them in your carry-on luggage or in your car.

4. Use One Box Per Item in a Single Room

One sure way to be disorganized is to put all things in random boxes. To make unpacking easier, assign one box for all items in a single room, and use another for the things in the other room. Doing this will avoid mix-ups that make the perfect recipe for anxiety and stress.

5. Secure Fragile Items

packing fragile items in a box

Your plates, glasses, and other breakable items should be bundled and kept in dish-barrel boxes. For plates, wrap each one with bubble wrap or packing paper, then arrange them in bundles of five or six, and wrap them together. In the boxes, make them stand on their side instead of laying them flat. As for glasses and cups, wrap each one of them as well, and stack them on top of one another.

6. Let the Pros Handle Big Items

For valuables you can’t carry such as furniture, pros can be called for assistance. Don’t risk injury and breakage of those things by trying to lift them yourself. Pros are accustomed to lifting heavy items, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your furniture.

When you pack your things following these tips, your move will go smoothly, and unpacking and rearranging everything will be a lot easier. Be sure to get enough rest to have high energy levels on your moving day.

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